The Archer Hotel – New Menu – February 2018

One of North Adelaide’s favourite pubs The Archer is launching some delightful additions to their lunch and dinner menu. We have been to the Archer a few times in the last year and each time the food has been no less than fantastic. Adelaide Food Central was invited to try the new additions which includes several dishes that have been cooked on a wood grill over South Australian Red Gum. We shall start with those dishes first.

Diners will have a jaw dropping moment when the Wood Grilled BBQ Pork Ribs + BBQ Glaze and Creamy Apple Slaw Salad is brought to the table. This Instaworthy dish is sure to create some serious food envy and it tastes as good as it looks. A huge, whole rack of ribs that is seductively dripping with thick BBQ glaze. Slaw goes with ribs like Forrest Gump and Jenny so this side of crunchy julienne vegetables with a creamy but acidic dressing is just what the pork needs. Flavours of tomato and plum with hints of smoke and tang complement the ribs in the tacky BBQ glaze that adorns this huge rack of pork ribs.

There’s no complaining about the size of the steak in the Wood Grilled Ribeye + Red Wine Jus + Creamy Mash. The thick steak is presented on the with a charred crust with a creamy potato mash peeking out from underneath. The steak itself resonates all the smokiness from the wood grill, each bite bringing in a hint of smoke. The red wine jus has a great balance between salty and sweet while bring in the rich wine flavour.

If you’re up for something different from the usual pub classics the Wood Grilled Bugs + Maple Citrus Butter + Apple and Cucumber will cater to your needs. The Balmain bugs are grilled under a maple citrus butter, some bugs tasting a little more maple than others but the bugs are super sweet and only need a little tease to release them from their shell. The salad has a sweet Asian dressing but cleverly the use of citrus and vinegar balances this out. Combined with a little chilli heat the huge helping of salad goes down so easily.

Pistachio & Dijon Crusted Atlantic Salmon + Moroccan Cous Cous Salad + Hommus. The fluffy cous cous is studded with raisins and pine nuts and has a subtle sweetness and spice. The underside of the fish has a very crispy skin with the presentation side covered in a mustard glaze and crushed pistachios that bring out a sweetness in the fish. I’m not the biggest fan of Salmon but this perfectly cooked fish has converted me. There is nothing about this dish that I don’t love.

Vegetable Noodle Salad + Roasted Carrot + Zucchini & Beetroot Noodles + Quinoa + Crispy Kale is a superfood lovers delight. Kudos goes to who ever is in the kitchen making ‘noodles’ out of beetroot that are longer than my arm! An Asian style sesame dressing that lightly bathes the crunchy vegetables tossed with quinoa and cubed beetroot. A fitting crown of crispy fried kale tops the healthy salad.

I’ve saved the best for last; the Carbonara Arancini could very easily be the best version of Arancini I’ve ever tried. Pleasing to look at the 3 large golden spheres are topped with lashings of shaved parmesan, celery leaves and dill. Creamier and resoundingly gooier than your average arancini, the filling is almost oozy. The rice is folded through a creamy bacon and cheese sauce that is loaded with black pepper. It goes as good as any pasta with this luscious combination and the fried crumb takes it to a new level. Not your typical arancini balls, they raise the bar for bar snacks with their uniqueness, creaminess and just generally yumminess.

The new dessert is a Chocolate Semifreddo Cones + Snickers Crust, 3 baby cones filled with chocolate semifreddo served with a caramel crème. Is it a risk putting a dessert that literally translates into ½ frozen in a cone? Well there is a bit of a drippage factor but to be fair its sweet, and delicious enough to encourage fast eating and the drips are minimal. I loved the creaminess, the toffee, the nuts AND the real pieces of snickers.

This selection will be added to the menu from Friday February 16th. We loved all the new inclusions with the salmon and bugs being the standout, but not to be forgotten the amazing Carbonara Arancini’s are now at the top of my cravings list. A fabulous menu for an all round great pub.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 60 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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