Max Brenner – New Chocolate Pizza Menu

Fall in love with Max Brenner’s new Chocolate Pizzas range this Valentines Day.

Last Friday we were lucky enough to be the first guests to try out their new dessert pizza menu and as it was World Pizza Day, there was no better time to treat ourselves with some chocolaty goodness.

If you want to indulge in anything chocolate, from milkshakes to fondue, Max Brenner has it all; especially now with four new surprises guaranteed to satisfy every chocolate lover.

Located on Rundle Street, the chocolate bar is in a wonderful central location so whether you are out late hitting the town or just shopping in the mall, you can always satisfy your sweet cravings.

Striving to do so much more than merely sell delicious chocolates, Max creates unique chocolate experiences for all to remember.

After seeing success of their two classic dessert pizzas, The Choc-Banana and The Chocolate Pizza With A Crunch, Max has added four brand-new luxurious Chocolate Pizzas to the menu.

The first on the tasting plate was the Cookies and Cream pizza. The marvellous pizza topped with cookie crumbs, white chocolate drops, whipped cream, marshmallows and drizzled over with chocolate, was the perfect dish to get us excited for the rest of the menu. The melted marshmallows mixed with the sweet thin pizza base and the chocolate sauce tasted somewhat like a s’more. The pizza was beautifully presented and was a wonderful balance of sweetness and savoury with the added cookie pieces.

The next dessert pizza to try was the Bad Boy Brownie pizza. Made with Brownie chunks, strawberries, caramelised pecans and white chocolate drops, this pizza was also topped with ice cream and a chocolate drizzle. The instagram worthy pizza was truly chocolate heaven. The brownie pieces on the pizza were fudgy and slightly chewy, while the caramelised pecans added a lovely slight savoury crunch to the pizza. The fresh strawberries gave a sweet tang to the overall flavours and balanced out all the sweet chocolate flavours of the brownie, the sauce and the chocolate drops.

The Midnight Peanut Nutter was next to try. This vegan dessert pizza was made with peanut butter spread and was topped with fresh strawberries, banana and crunchy cornflakes. The pizza looked enticing with the fresh fruit on top and the peanut butter spread oozing out from under the chocolate sauce. The vegan chocolate base was sweet and the peanut flavour was strong but not too overpowering. The texture of the crunch was added with the cornflake topping and a lovely tart sweetness came out with the fresh strawberries and the creamy and fresh sliced banana also added a smooth texture.

The last dessert pizza was The OTT Madness. With this pizza, the title says it all. Topped with indulgent brownie chunks, Belgian waffle pieces, four scoops of ice-cream, crunchy cornflakes, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle; this pizza is the perfect treat if you can’t decide which one to choose and want to try a little bit of everything. The waffle was the hero of the pizza and added a lovely sweetness to the dish. The texture was slightly chewy but balanced well with the smooth ice cream and fudgy brownie pieces. The savoury addition to balance the sweet ingredients came from the crunchy cornflakes but even with all the sugary treats topping the pizza, it was not overly sweet and was a lovely way to end our tasting.

All four pizzas were the perfect size for sharing between a few friends or even a lover, and with vegetarian/vegan options also on the new menu, Max Brenner has something that everyone can enjoy.

The perfect place for indulgence, Max Brenner also serves crêpes, chocolate fondue, sweet pastries and plenty more, with one of our favourites being their Belgian waffles.

And if you love your experience, why not take it home with you? Max Brenner even has a shop filled with Max’s chocolate creations, waiting for you to buy for yourself or as a gift.

It’s always a chocolate lifestyle when you dine with the bald man so if you are in the mood for something sweet, this is definitely the place to satisfy those cravings.

With Valentines Day coming up, why not enjoy the new Chocolate Pizza range with your loved ones and treat yourselves to the chocolaty goodness that is Max Brenner.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 277 Rundle St, Adelaide

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