The Store – Brinner

If you often find yourself scrambling to any restaurant as it edges close to 2pm for your weekly brunch fix, you may now slow your roll. The Store on North Adelaide’s Melbourne Street has everything on their loved brunch menu available into the night, three days a week as part of a concept first to Adelaide called ‘Brinner’ or breakfast for dinner.

The idea was materialised simply from listening to the feedback from regular customers, who offered a resoundingly upbeat response to the All Day Brunch menu introduced just a year ago.

The menu at Brinner will also include several of their esteemed dinner dishes, and feature a weekly dish, made by the chef, who has been given creative freedom. “He goes to the market, shops for the produce, and comes up with a unique dish”, says Sam Dunning, co-owner of The Store. The establishment will celebrate their 20 year anniversary this year. This lets the chef use his flair in the kitchen to serve up something new and different each week, and this way he gets to showcase his originality and see customers enjoy his creations.

We were graciously invited to be one of the first few to sample a few dishes from the Brinner menu, and were treated to a unique experience – one of the first to hit our streets.

The Smashed Avocado is a cult favourite- no brunch (or brinner) menu would be complete without it. A medley of rocket, crumbed feta,fresh lime and avocado on toasted rye keeps the favourite simple, clean and balanced. The produce is all fresh, which really is what makes a dish like this stand out.

Another creature comfort is the Tomato Bruschetta. Again the ingredients are simple, but sometimes simple is all you need when everything else is fresh and speaks for itself, like the baby tomatoes, basil and boccincini served on toast and drizzled with a balsamic reduction that packs a punch.

We also try the Eggs Benedict that can come with either ham or smoked salmon, and poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. The poached eggs easily passes the ‘runny yolk test’, and the hollandaise sauce is thick and creamy – making the perfect counterbalance to the saltines of the ham.

For something sweeter, try the Buttermilk Pancakes with maple syrup, cream and strawberries (or bananas). The fluffy, pillowy pancakes look like a heavenly stack of clouds. Although at first glance they look thick and possibly dense, they are anything but that. They are soft, light, airy, soaking up the sweet maple syrup and cream like a sponge. The strawberries add an element of freshness and a little tartness.

If your Brinner company just does not feel like joining the ‘brunch at dinner’ party, there are also dinner options like the Club Sandwich, Salt & Pepper Squid Salad, Wagyu Beef Burger, Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Beef Eye Fillet.

The Jerk Jamaican Chicken – served with tropical mango and pineapple, is marinated with an aromatic, fiery spice mixture called Jamaican Jerk spice and cooked in a style of cooking native to Jamaica. The chicken is so succulent and juicy, and the spice mix is tangy and has a kick that is sure to bang on your taste buds. Everything about this dish will take your senses away to the Caribbean.

The Eye Fillet is a crowd pleaser at every dinner. This one, I feel, takes it out of the park. The fillet of beef, doneness of medium rare to our request, is brown and caramelised on the outside and perfectly pink in the centre. It is firm to the bite but tender and almost melting on the inside. This beautiful cut of meat is served with crispy potato skins on a fluffy bed of mash, and covered with the most lip-smacking red wine jus.

Many thanks to The Store and JP Media for introducing us to this unique dining experience, we know there are plenty of others who would like to enjoy brunch at any hour of the day.

Brinner at The Store is now available three days a week, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Store is open Monday-Wednesday from 7am-3pm, Thursday and Friday7am till late, Saturday 8am till late and Sunday from 8am-3pm.

Words by Yasmine Yusuri

WHERE: 157 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

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