Bai Long Store – Dessert Menu

Okay, you know a place is good when we visit three times in three weeks. After sampling Bai Long Store’s dinner menu last week and brunch menu the week before, we just had to come back a third time to sample their intriguing dessert menu!

With green and purple grapes, and other varietal fruit, this dish was quite simple on paper. However, upon first bite, the cool, fresh, sweet sourness of the grapes hit us with a refreshing burst. Being so light, this dish won’t fill you up, making it the perfect dessert after a heavy meal – the dessert for the dessert naysayers, if you will.

Mango Mousse
When this dish first came out, we were met with a wave of a fruity, almost flowery fragrance. The fresh fruit gave the dish the sweetness, while the crunch of the sesame biscuit offered a slight salty, bitterness. The mousse itself was very light, melt-in-your-mouth, and delicate in flavour, not overpowering the other elements. The lychee sorbet, miso peanut, and berry compote gave the dish even more depth of flavour.

Black Sesame Cheesecake
We were surprised when this cheesecake came out in three separate cubes on bed of chocolate almond soil. Not your typical cheesecake! Nevertheless, the cheesecake and black sesame cubes were both delicately smooth and creamy – less like traditional cheesecake texture and more that of a panna cotta. Though you’ll hear no complaints from us, as this played perfectly with the crunchiness of the sweet honeycomb pieces. The chocolate almond soil gave a slight burnt bitterness and the basil granite cube offered a strange (but welcome!) herby flavour, adding even more depth and complexity to the dish.

Guinness Parfait
This dessert would probably be the one to give you the most bang-for-your-buck as the parfait itself is huge! As expected, the texture was very smooth, being a good semi-frozen mix between ice cream and normal cream. The fruit compote added sourness and acidity to the dish and the Guinness caramel added a level of sweetness, while the bits of baked red velvet sponge cake and coconut almond meringue provided a crunchy element.

Yuzu Mousse
This dish delivered exactly what it promised – delicious citrusy goodness (with some surprises along the way!). The citrus flavour of the mousse was fragrant but not overpowering, with the watermelon granita providing a refreshing fruity sweetness. The thin layer of noble one jelly on top of the mousse was very light in flavour and the perfect jelly consistency. The nori and white chocolate biscuit underneath had the expected saltiness of seaweed, with a slight chewiness that broke easily in the mouth without much effort – the white chocolate offering sweet relief. This dish was definitely the most beautifully presented of the day.

Chocolate Lava Cake
By far the richest of Bai Long’s desserts, the Chocolate Lava Cake, certainly did not disappoint! The cake was soft, moist, and very chocolatey, with the aroma of dark chocolate, which made it not overly sweet. The green matcha ganache that oozed out the centre (like lava!) was smooth, with the slight bitterness of tea, but this was met with the sweetness of the strawberry vanilla ice cream scoop on top and the rosewatermelon slice underneath. The baked chocolate cake bits and meringue scattered like snow around the plate, again, created the crunch for this dish.

Along with their dessert menu, we also had the chance to sample some of the cupcakes Bai Long had on display in their desserts cabinet. The flavours on offer during our visit were chocolate, carrot, red velvet and piña colada. All the cupcakes were fluffy, soft, and moist, with each flavour being emulated delicately on the palate. Each of the cupcakes (besides the chocolate) had the same creamy, mousse-like icing on top which was delicious in itself, unlike the sickly sweetness of traditional fondant icing. These little cupcakes would make the perfect takeaway dessert, or one to keep the kids well-behaved through dinner!

Now if the modern, minimalistic design of Bai Long Store doesn’t draw you in from the streets, the prospect of desserts as delicious as they are beautiful certainly will!

Bai Long Store is conveniently located on Hutt Street in the CBD and is open 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-10pm Friday and Saturday, and 8am-3pm Sunday.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 80 Hutt St, Adelaide

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