Feed Me Pizza

Believe us when we say we are always the first to relish the launch of a new pizzeria. You can never have enough pizza!

Feed Me Pizza on North East Road has been around for almost five months, but we’ve only recently had the chance to pay them a visit.

Owners, Genevieve and Robert, decided to buy the pizza joint on the corner of North East Road and Hampstead Road last year when they saw the potential for the place.

“It’s a lot of work but it’s turned into something very special and the market around here has been waiting for a good pizza shop,” says Genevieve.

The name itself came from Genevieve and Robert’s daughter, who saw a t-shirt on social media with the line ‘feed me pizza and tell me I’m pretty’, which they were surprised no one had used yet and promptly trademarked.

Though there have been three other pizza joints at the location before this one, Feed Me Pizza is really quite unique.

On the outside, the place seems quite minimalistic and simple, but as soon as you set foot through the door, a wave of 70s retro deco welcomes you in.

“The feeling we’re going for is nostalgia,” says Genevieve.

With funky music, bright orange chairs, old church pews, high school chairs, and even Street Fighter set up in the corner, the nostalgic vibe is definitely there!

Feed Me Pizza’s business model is built on premium fresh ingredients, with as much made in-house as possible. If that’s not enough, they also offer a wide range of gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan, options (because no one deserves to miss out on good pizza!).

We tried their BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, Garlic Prawn, Margherita, Gourmet Herbivore, and specialty AB Pizza (only offered in Family and Party sizes). As expected, the pizzas were served on a nice crust – a good mid-ground between thin crust and deep dish. Toppings were very evenly distributed with just the right amount of sauces squeezed. Feed Me Pizza’s yiros is all freshly marinated in-house, and boy could we taste the difference! All pizzas are offered in Small 9”, Large 12”, Family 15”, Party 18” sizes.

We paired our pizzas with the Roasted Vegetable & Lentil salad as well as the Pear & Walnut salad. Both were fresh, tasty, perfectly dressed, and made great accompaniments for our pizzas. Salads are offered in both Small and Large sizes.

What’s a good pizza without some garlic bread? When we heard Genevieve say their focaccia is baked in-house, we knew we had to try some garlic bread (all of them for that matter!). We had their normal garlic bread, chilli garlic bread (which came with the kick it promised), and cheesy garlic bread. All were freshly toasted with a good amount of butter.

Last but not least, who can go past some good old fries? Feed Me Pizza offers normal fries, cheesy fries, AB style fries, Tacos style fries, and Nachos style fries, all with their special recipe vegetable seasoning. They also have a variety of accompanying sauces including tomato, garlic aioli, chill chocolate (handmade in-house), tzatziki, and barbeque.

Overall, our experience at Feed Me Pizza was fantastic, with the pizza being delicious and Genevieve and Robert being very friendly and accommodating.

“We didn’t expect it was going to turn into this and had no idea it was going to be this good. We just thought we were going to buy a pizza shop and put some guys in there,” says Genevieve.

If you’re wanting to check this place out, Feed Me Pizza are currently offering a Summer Meal Deal where you get a free 1.25L soft drink with an order of three Large pizzas and a garlic bread OR two Family pizzas and a garlic bread.

Feed Me Pizza is open for dinner from 5pm-9pm Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and is open for both lunch and dinner 12pm-10pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 5/127 North East Rd, Collinswood

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