Scoffed Cooking School – 2nd Birthday

Scoffed Cooking School recently celebrated its second birthday, hosting an evening of delicious tastings, drinks and cooking demonstrations from their talented chefs.

Scoffed also announced two additional cooking classes on the night; their BBQ Guru Cooking School and Scoff Something Wild Native Ingredients Classes.

Scoffed Cooking school is owned and run by Nadine Silverberg and her partner Mark Busse, who aim to inspire different relationships with food to people of all ages with their cooking classes.

“We want to show that cooking isn’t a chore. It can be something enjoyable, even to those who have never cooked before.” Nadine said.

The BBQ Guru Cooking School begins from February 2018 and guests can learn all about smoking, indirect versus direct cooking, different types of fuel, rubs and marinades, carving and trimming, and even which cuts of meat and types of seafood to choose.

Owner Nadine Silverberg said, “Scoffed is all about making cooking from scratch fun and accessible, and this new series of classes will help people lift the lid on the nuances of Australia’s favourite backyard pastime”.

Their Scoffed Something Wild Native Ingredients Classes is partnered with Adelaide Central Market’s ‘Something Wild’ and shows guest why native ingredients are seen as the future of Australian cuisine.

Think barramundi seared in pepperleaf, kangaroo fillets rolled in roasted and ground wattleseed, native carrots with muntrie jus and karkalla, rosella flower pavlova and more!

Classes include hand picked local wines with every course, a $25 voucher to use at Something Wild and a special introduction from Something Wild on how ingredients are harvested and their traditional uses.

At Scoffed’s second birthday celebration, guests were lucky enough to not only eat delicious food but also see it being prepared before our very eyes, having our own taste of the new classes Scoffed has on offer.

From the inside stove, Chef Carlos Astudillo, cooked Finger Lime Oysters, Tuna Tartare with Crispy Wontons, Native Nicoise Salad and Indian Scrambled Egg Sliders with Mint and Coriander Chutney.

From outside on the Barbeque, Chef Lachlan Mackinnon, served up Charred Leeks with Créme Fraiche and Pepperleaf Dukkha, Smoking Salmon, Mexican Corn with Lime Aioli, Wattleseed Kangaroo with Davidson Plum Chutney and Native Lemon Thyme Pepperonata, Wattleseed Pavlova and Charred Stone Fruit with Lemon Myrtle Ice Cream.

All dishes served on the night were perfectly cooked and prepared and all ingredients were fresh and exceptionally combined to create a wonderful array of flavours.

The abundance flavours in each small dish made every guest wanting to come back for seconds and even thirds; excited for each new dish to come out as they were all just as good as the last.

The finger food was just a taste of what people could be cooking themselves if they attended a class, showing that even the simplest dish with few ingredients can taste amazing, if you learn the skills to accomplish this.

Scoffed run entertaining social cooking classes for adults and kids, a school holiday program and corporate events including cooking competitions.

Their regular adult cooking classes cater to ‘Virgin Foodies’ all the way through to gourmet cooks wanting to try out new cuisines and wines in ‘Scoffed and Quaffed’ classes.

Scoffed also offers a range of classes for kids aged five and above, teaching them recipes from around the world, whether they just want to have some fun or are aspiring to be the next master chef.

The also have an Adult Summer Program this month which includes ‘Christmas Tapas’ where people can learn delicious new recipes and time saving tips and tricks to help them pull off their best Christmas feast yet.

Gift vouchers are also available for all classes for the amount of your choice, the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.

So why not come along and try out one of these classes yourself and learn new skills that can turn you from a home chef to a master chef.

To find out more about Scoffed Cooking School and their multiple cooking classes, please visit

Words and Images by Cyndal KingWHERE: 441 Magill Rd, St Morris

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