Signor Arrosticini

When Massimo came to Adelaide two years ago, he discovered Arrosticini weren’t sold anywhere. Realising there was a gap in the market for this delicious product, Massimo and his wife, Linda, decided to open a food trailer, Signor Arrosticini.


Arrosticini are skinny kebabs made from lamb and are grilled on a fornacella, an elongated, charcoal fired brazier purpose built to fit the skewers. The device allows the skewers to rest on top of the metal and the meat hangs directly over the coals. These delicious meat skewers have remained off people’s radars, likely because they come from Abruzzo, a large region of Italy that few people know about. Freshly cooked off the fornacella, these meat skewers are delicious! The lamb is juicy and succulent with wonderful charcoal flavours.


Arancini Balls are also on the trailer menu. The arancini are lightly fried to a golden brown, and the inside reveals a combination of soft, delicate risotto and gooey mozzarella. These cheesy morsels of goodness are ideal for anyone who loves that fried crunchy texture or elastic strands of cheese.

Another dish brought to our attention were the Olives Ascolane. They’re green olives stuffed with chicken mince, marinated with herbs, crumbed and then fried. These snacks are delicious, and the juiciness and aroma of the olives is retained, even after frying. It’s said if you’re providing these for guests, you should allow ten olives per person.


Of course, you can’t go past the Shoestring Fries. The fries are thin and crunchy, and are seasoned with a delicious and addictive herb salt. It really makes the difference to just eating plain fries.

Only a few months old, Signor Arrosticini is providing the people of Adelaide with authentic Italian food. Using high quality, local ingredients, the team at Signor Arrosticini hope to bring affordable and traditional Italian street food to somewhere near you so that you can truly enjoy the authentic cuisine. We sampled the dishes on offer and were thoroughly impressed. Make sure you like their Facebook page to follow their whereabouts.

WHERE: Various locations

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