Pizza Mizza

When it comes to takeaway places, pizza bars have to be up there with fish and chip, and chicken shops. Located a bit further up north is the recently opened Pizza Mizza. It’s a pizza bar that has a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients where everything is made in house. There are 21 pizzas on the menu which are available in four different sizes (9 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch). If you’re not feeling like pizza, they have pasta dishes, burgers and chicken dishes.

Tonight, we started off with the BBQ Wings. These come as half a dozen or a dozen, and are beautifully marinated with herbs and spices. The skin is nice and crispy, and the meat is tender and succulent. The dash of BBQ sauce over the wings gives it a lovely sweetness.


For the pizza, we went for the Pepperoni. Generous portions of pepperoni slices lay underneath mozzarella cheese that has been cooked to a lovely golden brown. The pizza bases all come in one style, that is thin and crispy. If you’re cutting down on carbs, these pizzas are just for you.


There’s an emphasis on quality and freshness at Pizza Mizza and that’s exactly what you get. Delicious food that is executed to perfection. Half a dozen wings is $10, while a large traditional pizza is $15; very well priced for what you get. Staff are very friendly and service is fast and efficient. The option of dining is also available if you can’t wait to sink that delicious pizza into your mouth.

Pizza Mizza is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 4:30pm-9:30pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 4pm-10pm.

WHERE: 471A North East Rd, Hillcrest


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