Feisty Filomena – New Menu Launch

The sixth and final stage of the Santos Tour Down Under brought Fork on the Road’s ‘Tour De Fork’ to Elder Park, where all was set to celebrate a super sunny ending to the renowned event, with family fun and good food. Lucky for us, with the festivities came an invite to try out the brand new menu at Feisty Filomena’s food truck, where its owners graciously greeted us with big friendly smiles and a feast that we got to enjoy with a view (hungry swans included).

First we tried a Body Bag of Hot Chips. Sure, you figure hot chips are hot chips, but with a thin, crisp outer, and so soft and fluffy on the inside, these are an offer you can’t refuse. It’s just old fashioned, good quality carb, and they were wonderfully consistent and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of salt.

Next was definitely a favourite – Nonna’s Balls; a serving of two, wonderfully crisp rice arancini balls that were infused with saffron, porcini mushroom and fontina cheese. There was an excellent balance between the porcini and the fontina, while both subtle, along with the saffron giving the perfect hint of spice while creating a beautiful golden colouring for the rice; which was so well cooked and seasoned. Add the melty fontina cheese centre and it made for great texture contrast to the crispy crumb – a delight to eat!


Then we had the Eggplant Parmigiana Stack – and stacked it was with a rather generous serving! Filomena’s follows tradition with this Italian classic, showcasing a rich, herb based sauce amongst the layers of eggplant and mozzarella cheese. While the eggplant had more of an earthy taste, the cheese was in good ratio to the other elements, not too much of one element in a bite, and the top was melted to perfection.


Fat Tony’s Fingers were up next; and please, don’t be fooled by the cleverly appetising mob-themed name. Now it goes without saying, growing up on my own Nonna’s food and still enjoying it to this day, it’s a tough pot to crack when it comes to tomato sauce. However, it was to my delight that Filomena’s sauce was once again featured in this dish! It was well seasoned, with a great tang from the rich tomato flavour, which is one of my favourite things about a good tomato sauce. Even with the richness, there was also a subtle sweetness, and it didn’t at all overpower the breaded chicken, which was moist and not too thick – so each of these chicken parmigiana tenders were well balanced. Showcasing again some perfectly melty cheese topping, and the fresh basil garnish was such a great flavour addition in the aftertaste… and of course the dish was only made better by some more of those fat crunchy chips.


Our last dish was a Slice of Sicily; a pizza slice, topped with italian sausage, fresh tomato, roasted peppers, caramelised onions and cheese – this combination was such a pleasant surprise and quite possibly our favourite! The base wasn’t too thick and allowed for the toppings to really shine, and so they did. The saltiness of the italian sausage and cheese, combined with the acidity of fresh tomato and sweetness of red peppers and caramelised onions was so well received. Specifically the caramelised onion, it was defintiely the star for me – and not being so typically sauce based, it was a refreshing take on the all-time classic slice of pizza and we loved it.


The well thought flavours, quality ingredients and generous portions were an ode to passionate Italian home cooking! This truck is a fantastic way to experience some good street style Italian with convenience and value for money.

You can find where Feisty Filomena is serving up her Nonna’s street style food next here.

Words by Marie Fiorita

WHERE: Various Locations


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  1. Kate says:

    Now I have a massive craving for all of the above! Can’t wait to visit.

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