Ferment the Festival – Cheese, Chocolate and Charcuterie

From Friday 20 October to Sunday 22 October Rymill Park at Murlawirrapurka, Adelaide will host FERMENT the FESTIVAL, which is the progression of the decade long and critically acclaimed CheeseFest.


Kris Lloyd, Founder, Director, Cheesemaker and South Australian Premium Food and Wine Ambassador said, “I have never been one to accept that there is only one way to do things. My career as a cheesemaker has been a pursuit of creativity, innovation and a point of difference and after 10 years at the helm of CheeseFest, I knew it was time to progress. Cheese lovers will continue to find the much loved cheeses they are accustomed to but now with a complete suite of accompaniments that all share the process of fermentation.”

“Fermentation is the invisible catalyst that links all the foods and beverages I love: chocolate, charcuterie, sourdough bread, cultured butter, gin, wine, beer, cider and (of course) cheese! (to name a few). I have spent the past two years researching, developing, attempting, failing and finally succeeding in as many fermentation processes that I could try my hand at. I have discovered that these processes are responsible for most of the good food and beverages that we eat and drink and I want to celebrate this bubbly story with a festival,” continued Kris.

Ferment the Festival is not just another food and wine festival; it is a festival that tells a story. It has a history that is interesting, ancient and will educate people about these amazing foods and drinks and how they come about.

Ferment the Festival will offer over 120 South Australian businesses the platform to supply, educate, market and raise awareness of their fermented foods that yearn the lime-light after spending so long in the background.

The festival will have a rich program, including ‘labs’ to teach the basic fermenting skills so festival-goers can perform their own fermentations at home. We will offer niche bars to enjoy fermented drinks, and stalls to sample and purchase foods that are made by this exceptionally magical process which, for the most part, works quietly and on its own.

“Fermentation is this natural funky process that, for the most part, can’t be seen, but is responsible for taking something from its simple natural form to a complex and incredibly interesting finish. Fermentation has been going on for thousands of years – quietly and unnoticed and I think it is time we celebrated and understood more about this fascinating natural magic,” explains Kris.

“This festival is the only one of its kind in Australia. We welcome everyone to come and join us in October to celebrate some of the best food in world in South Australia, we thank the State Government and our sponsors for their kind support,” said Kris Lloyd.

Friday 20 October 2017 4pm – 10pm
Saturday 21 October 2017 12pm – 7pm
Sunday 22 October 2015 12pm– 5pm


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