Social Street S2

Thai is one of my favourite cuisines and I’m always on the lookout for some good Thai food. When I heard about Social Street S2, I was already making plans to check this place out. While the business name doesn’t sound very Thai, it refers more to the modern and casual space where people can get together. With an experienced Thai chef taking care of things in the kitchen, Social Street S2 offers a decent selection of entrees, mains and curries.

For the first entree, I had something totally different! Wait for it! Ham and Cheese Spring Rolls! It’s not very Thai but it is very delicious. I loved the way the melted cheese oozes from the spring roll pastry. The tomato sauce also compliments the dish well.


Next was the classic Curry Puff. Inside the delicate, flaky pastry were well seasoned vegetables with a mild curry flavour. These were fantastic and I could have had them all day.


The last of the entrees was the Sea Flower. I loved the presentation and it was almost too pretty to eat. Inside the firm dumpling skin was a combination of well seasoned, minced chicken, squid and prawn. The dumplings were swimming in a subtly spicy, red curry sauce which gave it more depth.


Of course, you can’t go to a Thai restaurant without having their Pad Thai. Like all good Thai restaurants, I liked the way they separated some of the ingredients. With the bean sprouts, peanuts and chilli to one side, you decide how much or how little you want. The noodles were perfectly cooked with a lovely firm, chewy texture. The prawns were juicy and succulent, and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. Both the colour and flavour was just right making this dish very well executed.


Next was the Pla Rad Prik which is deep fried white fish in a Social Street sauce. Inside the lightly browned, crisp exterior was soft, delicate white fish. I was actually amazed at the texture and was surprised it was fish. The special Social Street sauce had a subtle spiciness and made the dish more exciting in more ways than one.


Finally, I had the Roast Duck Curry. Filled with generous slices of tender, succulent roast duck, this dish will definitely get your mouth watering. The combination of smokey flavours in the duck with the delicious red curry sauce is something to be experienced. The natural sweetness of the lychee, tomato and pineapple neutralise the subtle spiciness of the curry sauce.


The whole experience was simply amazing! Each and every dish was perfectly executed, and once again, I found myself rolling out of a restaurant. The staff were warm and welcoming, and the service was exceptional. Combine this with the pleasant surrounds and you’ll be making plans to come here again. Whether you’re coming here for a delicious Thai meal, an early morning coffee or for after work drinks, Social Street S2 has you covered.

WHERE: 174A Hutt St, Adelaide

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