Decidi Tu

For only 24 hours, pop up restaurant Decidi Tu served a delicious menu of Italian mains and desserts. But this wasn’t your ordinary restaurant. Decidi Tu translates to ‘you decide’, meaning diners chose how much they thought the meal was worth. Little did they know, this was actually the launch of Fasta Pasta’s new menu.


The menu had many options to appeal to everyone including salads, pasta, risotto and Porchetta. The Slow Roasted Pork Belly Penne with chilli, tomato and basil was a definite stand out. The pork belly was perfectly cooked with a nice crunch to it. Accompanied with the sweet tomato and chilli kick it was the perfect pasta dish.

Next was the Fresh Gnocchi Dumplings with slow braised beef ragu. This was a very delicious and well-balanced dish. The gnocchi was light and slightly chewy in texture and married well with the beef ragu, which was full of tender and succulent meat that easily fell apart.

Another pasta dish on offer was the Crab Linguine with vine ripened tomato, rocket, garlic, chilli and a dash of cream. The sweetness of the crabmeat complimented the tomatoes well, along with the fresh rocket, and depth of garlic and chilli. It was a very well rounded dish and full of flavour.

Finally the Roast Pumpkin Risotto with baby spinach, pine nuts and Parmigiano reggiano was another winner. The risotto was rich without being too heavy and was filled with soft baby spinach, sharp Parmigiano reggiano flavour and pine nuts added a crunchy texture. It is also important to note that the portion size of each main was substantial, something that lives up to Fasta Pasta’s generous reputation.

Desserts were served on stylish ceramic plates and presented beautifully. The Tortino di Cioccolato was enough to satisfy any chocoholic. This was very similar to a chocolate lava cake as it was soft and moist with a liquid chocolate centre. The fruit served on the side was dressed with a sweet balsamic glaze and was light and refreshing.

The Torta di Ricotta with pine nuts and strega was very similar to a custard tart with the filling very light and not overly sweet. The pine nuts added a crunchy texture and it was a very classy and well thought out dessert.

The final dessert was a classic; Frangelico Affogato which is hot coffee poured over ice-cream. The contrast between hot and cold was enjoyable and it was overall very rich, chocolatey and decadent.

When our meals were finished and it was time to pay what we thought each dish was worth, we were shocked. These dishes are of such high quality and large portion size but for so much cheaper than you would expect to pay. Fasta Pasta’s new menu is a definite must try.

Words by Angela Scarfo from All About That Food

WHERE: 270-276 Morphett St, Adelaide



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