Sidewood Wines Launch

The Adelaide Food Central team were treated to the launch of Sidewood Wines from the Adelaide Hills at Grace The Establishment on The Parade in Norwood. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

Sidewood is a privately owned vineyard in the cool climate region of the Adelaide Hills by husband and wife team, Owen and Cassandra Inglis, whom both established the estate in 2004.

The sparkling was crisp, light and refreshing. A very easy and delightful drink. I can imagine this going well with many dishes. I could taste hints of lemon and it had this lovely slight acidity which was beautiful on the palette.

The chardonnay was naturally heavier than the sparkling of course. Although the intense and vibrant flavours of nashi pear and ripe fig in particular were quite nice on the palette. I just wish I had a plate of carbonara pasta or something spicy to eat with this chardonnay as it would go so well with these types of dishes.

These oysters were super fresh as one can tell by its glistening appearance and they had a fresh sea aroma. Topping the Japanese seaweed added an interesting twist of flavour and texture to the oysters. Who would have thought of combining two things together?

These Australian prawns were also fresh, succulent, juicy and vibrant in colour.

The generous amounts of pâté on the crackers had a beautiful smooth texture and contained  the right amount of fat and seasoning. The pine nuts added layer of crunchiness and the use of the use of the chutney added a really tasty, sweet compliment to these crackers.

These baby lamb tartlets were my favourite. Although I may be slightly biased as I love avocado and anything with avocado on it tastes ten times better. Nonetheless, the shredded lamb was tender, succulent and full of flavour. It was very well seasoned. I think I must have had at least five of these on the night.

A very enjoyable evening and everyone was given a little gift each containing two bottles of wine from the Sidewood collection. I would gladly buy a bottle of the sparkling at my local liquor store. Price wise most of these bottles are around $30 or under, considering the high quality at these prices they are an absolute steal.

Words and Photos by Linh Nguyen


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