Moseley Bar & Kitchen – Menu Tasting

Don’t let the fact that Summer is still a way off deter you from visiting Glenelg’s iconic Moseley Square. Located right in the heart of Glenelg The Moseley Bar and Kitchen is a fabulous location to luxuriate in a warm, cozy environment and enjoy a delicious bite to eat or sip on a tasty cocktail. Whether you’re in the market for a relaxed, civilized dining experience or an alcohol infused Sunday party session The Moseley has you covered. This is speaking from experience, this place gets so packed on the Sunday night of a long-weekend that you could find yourself waiting for over an hour just to get in. It’s almost hard to even picture the dim Dublin pub, which came before this wonderfully fun and suave transformation.

Entree Tasting Plate
Entree Tasting Plate

To kick off the evening’s proceedings we were given a sample tasting plate. Immaculately presented and full of color the plate included a scallop and crab terrine, a prawn cigar and pork belly with pickled red cabbage puree and apple. It was almost painful that these were just miniature samples, because all three left my taste buds yearning for more. The scallop and crab were soft and delicate, without an overwhelming accompanying sauce so that their flavors came through very well. The prawn cigar was well seasoned, however the cigar pastry was slightly undercooked and could have been crispier, to keep to true spring roll style. The pork belly was successful in having that perfect balance between tender and succulent meat as well as a crunchy outer skin. The tangy pickled cabbage and sweet apple were also a nice flavour balance.

Ricotta Gnocchi
Ricotta Gnocchi

The main ricotta Gnocchi was slightly overcooked, making the individual gnocchi marginally firmer than desired, however overall the dish was still a success thanks to the mushroom ragoût. The mushrooms were a flavor burst of red wine straight out of Nona’s kitchen. The shaved radish also added great texture to the dish.

14 Hour Wood Roasted Lamb Shoulder
14 Hour Wood Roasted Lamb Shoulder

The 14-hour wood roasted lamb shoulder was the epitome of a palate pleasing Winter warmer. It was succulent and well marinated. There’s nothing more disappointing than ordering lamb and finding it is as touch as old boots. It’s always a risk, but thankfully in this case it paid off and the meat simply just fell apart. An interesting aspect of the dish was the cranberry, almond and pistachio wild rice. The cranberry and lamb made for a wonderful combo.

Dessert Tasting Plate
Dessert Tasting Plate

Similarly to the entrees, we were given a dessert tasting plate and this time I was less heart broken with the miniature sample sizes as the food coma was starting to hit and the first beautifully rich chocolate sherry slice was almost enough to satisfy me already. Well, at least I thought until I tasted the apple, butterscotch and Frangelico pie. The pastry was beautifully flaky and the sweetness of the butterscotch was well complicated by the apple. Finally, the sticky black rice pudding was an interesting take on an Asian inspired dessert.

All together The Moseley has already established its self as an iconic Glenelg ‘it’ location through its fabulous dining and drinking areas, live music, great crowd and trendy interior. So don’t let the fact that we are in the midst of a cold winter deter you. The cold is no threat to a place, with a great fireplace, cozy atmosphere and heart-warming menu. For those already salivating after reading a sample of what the menu has to offer The Moseley will also be hosting a 5-course degustation dinner on Tuesday July 21st at the cost of $85pp. Each course will also be paired with Maxwell wines.

Words by Gemma Easton

WHERE: 11 Moseley Square, Glenelg

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