Westfield Home, Food & Wine Weekend 2015

Adelaide Food Central was invited to the Westfield Home, Food & Wine Weekend media event. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

Westfield Marion, West Lakes and Tea Tree Plaza will be holding their annual Home, Food and Wine Weekend (18th – 19th July 2015) for the second time. The event held across the weekend will include pop-up wine tasting stalls, live cooking demonstrations, home decorating workshops and more. To launch the weekend event guests were invited to taste unique food offerings specially prepared by Bree May (‘Food According to Bree’), along with a range of cheeses from The Cheesemonger, fine chocolate from Bracegirdles and wines from Murray Street Vineyards.

Seasonal Cider Share Plate
Seasonal Cider Share Plate

The Duck and Cider Pâté was deliciously smooth and velvety. The addition of the cider gave it a lovely sweet, fruity and slightly tangy flavour. The Adelaide Hills brie had a tasty creamy flavour and was deliciously buttery. The Dutch aged gouda had a delightful rich flavour and was one of my favourites on the platter. The ‘Shadows of Blue’ blue cheese was surprisingly nice. I am not usually a fan of blue cheese and I would usually stay away from it, but this version was nice and mild, a little sweet and creamy, and yet still had this beautiful full flavour. My faovurite was the apple and cider paste. It was fruity, light and not overly sweet. It was slightly tangy and refreshing on the palette.  All the cheeses and pastes paired well with the Pangkarra Grissini bread sticks and lavosh crackers. We started off with the 2012 White Label Semillon wine and it was a beautiful with its crispy and citrusy characteristics. It contrasted well with the savoury saltiness of the seasonal cider share plate.

Cheddar and Parsnip Soup
Cheddar and Parsnip Soup

Bree informed guests that the soup was partially inspired by the iconic South Australian pie floater dish with somewhat of a French take. This soup would be the perfect hearty soup for when the temperature drops. The slightly acidic and sharp cheddar blended well with the pureed sweet and creamy pureed parsnips. The use of the Murray Street’s 2012 Black Label Shiraz for the beef cheek gave it a subtle deep and hearty twang. The beef cheek itself was perfectly slow cooked or braised as it was very tender, juicy and with a great rich beef flavour. The perfectly caramelised onions complimented the dish with its distinctive sweet flavour and emphasised a savoury tone to it. Also the golden, crispy fontina pie contrasted well with the rest of the elements of the dish. The 2012 Black Label Shiraz was dark and full bodied, perfectly paired with the cheddar and parsnip soup.

Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart
Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart

The dessert was decadent but not too overly sweet as it was well-balanced with the fresh slice of permission and its candied equivalent on top of the tart. The salted caramel from Bracegirdle’s was the liquid gold to the dish and helped tie it all together very nicely. Beautifully executed, both visually and taste wise, and it was a well-balanced dish. The 2009 The Barossa Shiraz Grenache Mataro with its distinctive sweet notes and spice had this complexity and vitality which harmonised with the dessert.

Westfield’s Home, Food & Wine Weekend event is one sure to be not missed. Just from sampling these creative dishes, each with Bree’s unique twist, was both a marvel visually and flavour wise. The incorporation of Bracegirdles fine chocolates, premium dairy products from The Cheesemonger and Murray Street wines within the dishes harmonized well with the other elements in each. Again, the event the event is held over two days from the 18th to 19th of July, 2015 across Westfield Marion, West Lakes and Tea Tree Plaza shopping centres.

Words and Photos by Linh Nguyen


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