The Junction

The Junction is a bistro inside Morphettville Racecourse. I’ve been inside the racecourse many times but I wasn’t aware there was a bistro attached to it. The menu reads like something you’d find at a pub with mains, steaks, salads, pasta and pizza.


The decor is modern and stylish with a lovely open plan area and imposing high ceilings. The floor to ceiling, and arched windows allow plenty of natural light to flow through. There is plenty of seating inside as well as small outdoor area that looks out to Anzac Highway.


For lunch, I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Burger. The meal took a good 25 minutes to arrive, but when it did, it was nicely presented and was of a good size. The chicken breast was cut up and spread over two layers in the burger, while the coating was a dark golden brown and very crunchy. The meat was a bit dry and slightly overcooked. The coleslaw dressing used was a bit bland, however, the vegetables added a nice crunchy texture. The bun was buttered and toasted, and was firm enough to hold all the ingredients.

The burger came with a side of beer battered chips which were perfectly fried. The outside was nice and crunchy, while the inside was soft and fluffy.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger
Southern Fried Chicken Burger

The staff were friendly and the service was alright. The food did take a bit long to arrive and I also had to wait to pay the bill. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was on par with a cafe or pub. The cost of the burger was $18.90 which wasn’t too bad considering the serving size.

I didn’t know this place existed until today, but it was a pleasant surprise.

WHERE: 470 Anzac Highway, Camden Park




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