Seacliff Beach Hotel

About a decade ago, the Seacliff used to be my usual hangout for drinks on a Friday night. I used to live a few suburbs away and I had friends that lived in the area. Of course, things change and so do people’s circumstances, and I found myself not frequenting this place anymore.

Fast forward to now and I find myself at a 30th birthday party for a new friend that lives in the area. Of course, now that I’m writing about food, it was the perfect opportunity to eat here. The menu is divided into 5 sections; entrees, salads, pizzas, burgers, pub favourites and steaks.


The venue is pretty much how I remember it all those years ago. There’s a bar and dining section on the ground floor, and then there is a similar setup upstairs. The upstairs area is cleverly divided into seperate dining sections. The bar is in the centre of the room and customers can walk around the bar and reach the stair case from either side.


What sets this place apart from other pubs is the magnificent views of the sunset from the upstairs balcony. Seeing the sunset tonight reminded me of why I used to love coming to this place so much.


For dinner, I ordered the Double Cliff Burger which consisted of two tender beef patties, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, sweet mustard and tomato ketchup on a sweet brioche bun. The sides are beer battered steak fries and pickles.

The dish came out 15 minutes after ordering and was average in presentation. The cheese looked like it wasn’t properly melted, and the burger just looked poorly put together.

The beef patties were tender and moist, however, they reminded me of the frozen processed supermarket variety. The lettuce was fresh and crisp, and the sweetness from the onion, tomato and ketchup was balanced by the sourness of the pickles. The bun was nice and firm, and held all the ingredients well.

The beer battered fries were nice and crisp, and adequately salted. The quality of the chips wasn’t that great as I had a bowl full of crunchy bits.

Double Cliff Burger
Double Cliff Burger

The staff were friendly and the service was average. The atmosphere was vibrant, mainly due to the sheer number of people that come here on a warm Summer day. The cost of my burger was $19.90 which is an average pub price. It was a decent size, but I thought the burger was basic for what it was.

The jury is still out on the food, but I would definitely come here for drinks and the magnificent sea views.

WHERE: 221 The Esplanade, Seacliff




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