Live a Little Artisan Gelato

There are over a dozen places around Adelaide where you can get Live a Little gelato, however, if you happen to be at The Market Shed on a Sunday morning, they also have a stall there too. There are 6 flavours of gelato available as well as Belgian Waffles and Crepes.

At Live a Little, it’s all about living locally, sustainably and organically. The ingredients used in their products are South Australian where possible to showcase the produce that we have on offer in this wonderful state. All the gelato is completely vegan with zero animal ingredients, and the organic foods used are free of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms.


Today, I had the vegan and gluten free Belgian Waffles with Maple Syrup and Espresso Gelato. The waffles were freshly made and piping hot. The exterior was firm and crunchy, and the inside was light and airy. The Espresso Gelato was smooth and delicate with a coffee flavour. The strong coffee taste was well balanced by the sweetness of the syrup and icing sugar.

Belgian Waffle with Espresso Gelato
Belgian Waffle with Espresso Gelato

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. Belgian Waffles are $6 each, but each additional topping will cost you an extra $1 per item. This is not bad considering the waffles are freshly made, they’re healthier, they’re a decent serving size, and that you would paying a lot more at a cafe or specialist dessert store.

Why don’t you live a little and pop on down to The Market Shed for one of these tasty treats?

WHERE: 1 Holland St, Adelaide




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