Umi Sushi – Glenelg

Umi Sushi is a franchise that started back in 2006 with a handful of stores both here in South Australia and New South Wales. The Glenelg store is located inside the Bayside Village Shopping Centre, and with it’s small open plan kitchen area, it offers just over a dozen seats for customers to dine in.

This particular sushi store offers 25 different sushi rolls and 7 vegetarian options available in white, brown and black rice. They also offer various nigiri and ship sushis, rice and noodle dishes, bento boxes and a small selection of side dishes.

Stall Frontage
Stall Frontage

For lunch, I ordered one of their assorted sushi roll packs. Each one contained fake crab meat and cucumber, and was topped with either avocado, salmon or prawn, or a combination thereof. The avocado was soft and delicate, the prawn juicy and well cooked, and the salmon was smooth and silky. The sushi rice was soft and well seasoned, while the cucumber added a nice crunchy texture.

Assorted Sushi
Assorted Sushi

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The vegetarian sushi rolls start at $2.70 and the normal sushi starts at $2.80. Some of the rice and noodle dishes start at $8.20, and the bento boxes $11.90. My assorted sushi pack was $6.50 which is pricier than getting two individual sushi rolls, however, you are getting variety with prawns and salmon thrown into the mix. The sushi was made fresh and it was well executed.

One of the better sushi joints in Glenelg.

WHERE: 19-31 Brighton Rd, Glenelg




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