Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende

There’s nothing more trendier than the Belgian Beer Cafe. I’ve got friends that have met their soul mates here. This place is renowned for two things, beer and mussels. With an 8 page beer menu, a person can get easily distracted by the amount of choice on offer.

On this particular occasion, I was here for birthday drinks. I was pleasantly surprised at how good their Cherry Beer was. The beers here are large and are basically a meal in themselves. While on an empty stomach, I never actually felt hungry while drinking. One thing I must be critical of is the inconsistency with the pouring. The beers I got were two thirds beer and one third froth, while a friend received 85% beer and 15% froth.

Cherry Beer
Cherry Beer

Of course, it’s not recommended that you drink on an empty stomach. We got a serve of their chips and mayo just to absorb all the alcohol. Nicely presented in it’s own chip stand. The chips were nice and crunchy, and came with a small serving of their own house made mayonnaise.

Chips and Mayo
Chips and Mayo

A friend ordered the Beer Sampler. I was told it was good and was too busy drinking to remember any complaints.

Beer Sampler
Beer Sampler

I love the decor at this place. It really reminded me of a pub I was at while I was in Belgium. The service was excellent and the staff are certainly knowledgeable about their beers. Earlier in the day, the atmosphere was relaxed, however, it can get quite noisy as the evening progresses, particularly when they start dimming the lights and turning up the music. With regards to the bar menu, the quality of the food is great but the prices are a bit high and the servings are small. With that in mind, we continued on with our liquid diet.

WHERE: 29 Ebeneezer Pl, Adelaide





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