Super Bueno

On Tuesday night Adelaide Food Central attended Super Bueno located on Gouger Street. This sleek but laid back wine bar provides you with nibbles and hearty pasta, along with flowing vino. We absolutely loved their brother restaurant Joe’s Henley Beach, so we were very excited to see what Super Bueno had to offer.

Coffin Bay Oysters Lemon & Shallot Mignonette
We all know that at Adelaide Food Central we are obsessed with seafood, and oysters in particular. Oysters are a must have starter in my eyes and I was impressed with these fresh delicacies. The addition of the slightly sweet beetroot topping gave the oysters a superb taste. The fish itself was incredibly fresh and not too fishy.

Fried Provolone Fennel & Orange Jam
This was my favourite dish of the night. One of the crispiest, cheesiest entrees you can imagine. When I pulled the batter open inside was a delicious, gooey provolone, and it made a great video for the gram. The orange jam worked perfectly with the salty, cheese and incredibly crunchy outer.

Beef Tartare Fried Enoki, Soft Cured Egg Yolk & Truffle Crackers
I love a good quality beef tartare and this one was simple but delicious. The soft cured egg yolk was a beautiful addition to the light beef. The truffle crackers were delightful and paired perfectly with all of the other elements.

Beetroot Cured Ocean Trout Radish Cream & Dill
I am absolutely loving beetroot cured dishes at the moment. One of my favourite breakfast dishes includes this delightful trout. The slightly tangy fish paired with the velvety radish cream and dill was a dish to remember.

Wagyu Meatballs Smoked Scarmorze Baked in Chilli & Tomato
My second favourite dish of the night, and how can you go wrong with these balls of fun. Wagyu beef can tend to be quite dry, but the rich tomato sugo lathering it, made it taste anything but. The smoked scarmorze was a great addition and I loved finding big chunks of it throughout the dish.

Pan Fried Gnocchi Veal Shoulder Ragu
Gnocchi is a must have when ordering any sort of pasta. The soft pillowy potato balls were smothered in a rich and delicious veal shoulder ragu. I couldn’t get enough of the delightful sauce and I nearly licked the bowl clean.

Spaghetti Carbonara Guanciale, Cracked Pepper & Egg Yolk
I always find that carbonara can be rather heavy and leave me feeling sick. This was a lighter version and I thoroughly enjoyed the way it was made. The egg yolk appreciated the traditional carbonara way, working well with the cracked pepper.

Bueno Tiramisu
How could we end an Italian feast without ordering a tiramisu. The dessert was incredibly light and you didn’t feel heavy afterwards. I loved the subtle taste of Bueno and my mouth is watering thinking about eating this again.

Crema Fritta Fried Custard & Nutella Gelato
This was one of the most awesome and interesting desserts I have tried yet. The crème fritta was a deep fried dessert with custard inside, topping it with Nutella gelato, house made. Piled all along the bottom of the plate was a delicious slab of Nutella, my favourite thing in the world. You must finish the night with this dessert.

Thank you to the team at Super Bueno for spoiling us. It is always a pleasure.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 13 Gouger St, Adelaide


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