Bowden Cellars

On Sunday Adelaide Food Central attended Bowden Cellars to take a look at the, hip wine bar that settles in the newly built Plant 3 complex. The wine bar not only boasts an array of special drinks to sip with friends, and the Caro Club boys serving up the best grub, but it also has its own bottle shop to purchase after trying.

The community focused retail liquor outlet and wine bar provides unique South Australian wines, with some of the coolest labels you will see. The minimalistic wine bar has an array of wine, craft beer, spirits and cocktail to try along with some of the best burgers and sides courtesy of Caro Club.

Please do yourself a favour and order the ‘Three Piece Crispy Fried Boneless Thigh’ which comes with your choice of seasoning, hot chips, pickles and ranch. This is hands down some of the best chicken I have had, super crispy, hot and seasoned with the best herbs and spices.

The burgers come in beef or chicken and are filled with fresh vegetables, and a juicy piece of chicken or pink beef patty. I paired my food with an Esoterico wine by Unico Zelo. This wine is not red, and not white, but I guess we can call it Orange. It was something completely different, and I enjoyed sampling something I had not had much of before.

I can’t wait to head back to Bowden Cellars to sample some more of their wine, and load my home cellar with their unique bottles. It is truly a one of a kind shop and it certainly bring life to the Plant 3 complex. Thank you to the team for inviting us to their exciting new adventure.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: Plant 3, Red Shed Lane, Bowden


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