Acacia – Nordic Inspired Tasting Menu

Last weekend Adelaide Food Central attended Acacia, located in Henley Beach. It is one of my favourite restaurants to go to for dinner as every two months they change their menu with a new cuisine. For the next two months, the food is Nordic inspired with different delicacies from across the region.

Osters with fermented gooseberry and beach rocket
Well you can’t go to Acacia without trying their fresh oysters or as the Swedes call them Osters. These osters were ridiculously fresh and doused with a slight sweet gooseberry. It was nice to see something a little bit different to your typical oyster.

This Swedish style bread was some of the most moist and delicious I have had. You could tell it has been freshly baked with large amounts of love. The smoky dip that accompanied the bread was bold with incredible amounts of flavour. The crunchy broccoli covered in the dip was a great accompaniment.

Syltede Fisk with celery, kefir and sauerkraut
Nestled under an array of different elements of celery, kefir and sauerkraut sat a light and delicate fish. The addition of the crispy kale and salty crisps were to die for. Even though the sauerkraut chips were salty they paired perfectly with the light fish and creamy kefir. This dish was super interesting and like nothing I had tasted before.

Kartoffel with koji butter and saltbush.
The star dish of the evening was this delicious potato delicacy, and the favourite of the evening. The koji butter was to die for and soaked up all of the potatoes, it was a dream. The saltbush gave the dish a fresh element and I wanted to lick my bowl clean.

Svinekod with persimmon and walnut.
The moist pork on this dish was so delicious. The persimmon gave the pork that sweet flavour along with the texture of the fresh beans. But what is Swedish food without their famous meatballs? Nestled beside the pork was the ball in all its glory and flavour. My second favourite dish of the evening.

Champignon with porcini shoyu and pine
This was an awesome dessert as it tasted just like salted caramel. A lot of you would probably turn your nose up at a mushroom sweet dish, but this was to die for. All the elements worked perfectly together and it was a dream on a plate.

Chokolade with beetroot and sourdough.
What a stunning way to end the night with a chocolate and beetroot sweet treat. This dish was extremely rich but the chef’s used all the right combination of elements to wow us. I could eat this time and time again and its making me salivate thinking about it.

Paired with each dish was a stunning wine, which went down superbly. There wasn’t one wine that disappointed me and it was great to see local wineries being used.

It is always a pleasure Acacia, and we can’t wait to come back to try your next delightful degustation.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 3/269 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach


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