Adelaide Food Central was invited to try Samamy located on the busy Hindley Street. This new restaurant combines authentic Thai food (lunch and dinner) and Vietnamese (lunch only) cuisine. The mixture of both gastronomies gives the restaurant that point of difference.

We tried multiple dishes on their menu including:

Curry Puffs
I have never been a fan of curry puffs as they can sometimes be too overbearing in flavour. The filling of these pastries, with chicken, mince and potato was very delicate, and complimented the soft outer. I loved the slightly sweet dipping sauce that accompanied the puffs.

Chicken Satay
At Adelaide Food Central we love our chicken satays, and without fail we will order them every time. We thoroughly enjoyed the amount of peanut sauce that was slathered over this chicken. Samamy was not shy with their sauce portions and we loved this.

Samamy Stars
This was the most unique dish on the menu as it was both aesthetically pleasing and tasted good too. These stars were plump little dumplings filled with pork and prawns and waded in a light soy sauce. This was my favourite entrée dish and I would love to try these again.

Masamam Beef
You cannot go wrong with a juicy and authentic massam beef curry. The sauce was oozing with flavour and was everything you could want in a curry. The beef was cooked well, and soaked up the sauce effortlessly. This was my favourite main menu item, and I kept wanting to eat more.

Seafood Pad Thai
You can’t go to a Thai restaurant without ordering the famous Pad Thai. All the elements worked perfectly together, with the juiciest prawns, and fresh seafood. I love the topping of crunchy nuts and acidic lemon.

Basil Chicken
If you are after something a little less heavy then the basil chicken is for you. The flavours are not too overpowering, but you could taste the light basil sauce. The chicken was fresh and mixed together with all the best vegetables.

Pineapple Fried Rice
One of the star dishes of the night was the pineapple fried rice. It is crazy how well pineapple and rice go together, enhancing sweet and fruity flavours. I love the addition of the Chinese sausage which is one of my favourite elements in this dish. I thoroughly suggest ordering this dish as a main or with curry.

Thank you to the team at Samamy for having us. We wish you all the best with your endeavours.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 79 Hindley St, Adelaide


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