Rosewater Hotel

Adelaide Food Central was invited to the newly renovated and owned Rosewater Hotel. Along with their classic style pub menu they boast their wood oven napolitana style pizzas. On the 23rd of July they will host an all you can eat pizza night from 6.30pm, with a mojito on arrival. We loved their food but we were also impressed with the refreshing cocktail menu especially their Aperol spritz.

We sampled a few dishes on the menu:

Whiskey Wings
Who can go wrong with wings glazed in Jack Daniels sticky sauce? The burst of flavour coming from this chicken was phenomenal. Be warned don’t wear white if you want to eat these bad boys as you will be sure to make a mess.

Craft Beer Battered Flathead
This crispy fish was served up with tartare sauce, chips & salad. A typical pub dish made with love. The side salad was drenched with drenching and went well with the subtle but salty fish. The perfect dish for those of you who feel like a pub classic.

Braised Lamb Shank
You can’t go wrong with a hearty lamb shank. This pub classic went well with mashed potato & gravy and made my stomach feel warm and happy. The hearty sauce lathered the gamey lamb, which effortlesly pulled off the bone. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and recommend it to anyone wanting something a little more substantial.

Rosewater Special
This pizza favourite of the night was served with napolitana sauce, fior di latte, prosciutto crudo di parma, fresh buffalo mozzarella & basil. I loved the thin Italian style pizza, it was very authentic and reminded me of the ones we make at home in our wood oven. The topping were very fresh and certainly not from a can.

Pizza Junkie Burger
This awesome burger was a beef pattie in a pizza pocket bun stuffed with cos lettuce, sliced tomato, gherkin, pickled onion, secret sauce & cheese served with a side of chips. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night, as it was different from the rest. Think pita pocket on steroids, stuffed with the elements that you would usually find in a burger. I loved the idea.

Chicken Breast Schnitzel
You can’t go to a pub without ordering a crispy chicken schnitzel. Topped with a lucious parmy sauce, you really cant go wrong. The chips on the side were incredibly crispy and salty and went well with the meat.

Folded pizza with ham, pepperoni, sundried tomato, fior de latte, ricotta & napolitana sauce. Such a hearty and wholesome dish, which will leave you with a full stomach. The dough is stuffed with the goodness of delicious Italian delicaces, which will not disappoint.

Thank you to the team at the Rosewater Hotel for having us. We appreciate your warm and kind hospitality and the delicious food you have on offer.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 58 Grand Junction Rd, Rosewater


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