The Sparkke Change Beverage Co – Australian Style Carbon Zero Hero IPA

On Wednesday Sparkke launched their Australian Style Carbon Zero Hero IPA. As the 2021 chosen beer for Illuminate Adelaide, there are many reasons as to why we are excited about its unveiling. For every four pack of this magic beer consumed it will stop the offset of 80 party balloons worth of CO2 into the atmosphere. Looking after our environment is something we need to be very mindful of, so it is wonderful to see large businesses like Sparkke do their part. Partnering with local South Australian suppliers this beer is all the good things packed into one with Yorke Peninsula Premium malt, hills hops, atomic yeast and hops products Australia. A lot of these suppliers donating to the cause. Easy on the pallet this beer boasts notes of tropical fruits, pineapple, guava and ripe papaya tied in with plenty of citrus.

The intimate event hosted at no other than Sparkke at The Whitmore showcased to us this fantastic new addition to their repertoire of inventions. You can see the love the team have for this beer and the work that went into the launch. Not only were we thrilled to try ‘the beer of the future’, we were amazed by the stunning and inventive venue itself.

Thank you to the team at Sparkke for the creation of this life changing beer. We are so proud to be introduced to such an inspirational product.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Head to, to purchase a four pack, and learn more about this cause.

Words by Tomika Salerno


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