Robern Menz – Violet Crumble – #1 Iconic Dessert Revealed

Just in time for World Chocolate Day on July 7, Violet Crumble has commissioned a new study, revealing lamingtons as Australia’s all-time favourite chocolate dessert.

A whopping 84% of Aussies rated the humble dessert as the #1 most iconic Aussie chocolate dessert of all time, with chocolate pavlova (68%), chocolate crackles (63%) and chocolate brownies (62%) making honourable mentions in the top 10 list.

The research also revealed a growing interest in celebrating local produce this World Chocolate Day, with 44% of Aussies joining the global festivities, an exciting increase of over double from last year and 69% preferring to celebrate with an Australian-owned and made chocolate bar.

“World Chocolate Day is an opportunity to taste and share stunning, locally-made confectionery and celebrate this day the Australian way. Opting for an iconic Australian-made chocolate treat like our Violet Crumble products not only tastes amazing, it feels good to know you’re supporting local businesses and jobs,” says Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz, producers of Violet Crumble products.

While traditional lamington recipes include sponge, cream, jam and coconut alongside the chocolate, Violet Crumble are celebrating World Chocolate Day with a creative spin on the classic dessert, replicating it the Violet Crumble way.

“Combining two nostalgic favourites to create a Violet Crumble Lamington was a blast for our team! Pairing these chocolate dessert icons is the perfect way to celebrate World Chocolate Day in a truly Australian way.”

In further research outcomes, 50% of Aussies revealed that chocolate is their affordable indulgence, and one-in-ten (9%) treat chocolate as a secret from their family. Older age groups tend to reserve chocolate for special occasions, while younger age groups view it as an indulgent treat or a valuable secret conserving their sanity.

Fans of Violet Crumble and lamingtons can recreate the Aussie Violet Crumble lamington here.


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