The Good Tiger

Thursday night was the soft opening of a brand new modern southeast Asian restaurant, ‘The Good Tiger.’ Located in Brighton Central, just off Brighton Road, it was exciting to see a new and upcoming Asian-fusion style of food hidden in the suburbs.

The scenery when walking into this restaurant was bright and colourful, with gorgeous painted art wall features to set the scene in orange and pinks.

The Roasted Duck Asian Rice Pancake was filled with flavour from the first bite. Beaming with colour, it was definitely a delight to eat and an interesting first starter option – just as tasty, nonetheless.

The Shallot Cake was topped with light soy and was the perfect consistency of crunch yet softness. The flavour was promising and was an excellent stock standard addition to the menu.

How can you go wrong with a Satay Chicken skewer? I do not think it’s possible. These satay chicken skewers however were topped with a classic Thai peanut sauce. It was creamy yet tasteful and so memorable to begin with.

Everyone loves a good cheeseburger although we may not want to admit it. At ‘The Good Tiger,’ you will get the luxury of a fast-food flavour, yet with an Asian-fusion touch all in one by ordering the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. As it was topped with a honey mustard sauce, my template was convinced I was eating a cheeseburger, yet had the texture of a spring roll.

One of my favourite meals on the menu was the Steamed Prawn Dumplings. Covered in a red curry sauce, it was simply a delight to eat. The dumplings were cooked to perfection, being soft yet flavoursome.

The Salmon Ceviche was very light and easy to eat. The crunch of the rice cracker added a second texture contrasting to the raw salmon. It was topped with lime juice which was a zestful treat.

Battered in five spice, the Salt and Pepper Squid was an interesting take on an old classic. Crunching at the bite, it packed a punch and was a necessary seafood addition.

The standout dish of the night had to be the Grilled Chicken. Infused with coconut, turmeric, and crushed peanut, it had the perfect hint of sweetness. The best part about this dish was the smoky aftertaste that it left in your mouth, making us all hungry for more!

When the guest id able to make a dish themselves on a night out is always a recipe for a good time. The Sugarcane Prawn was no exception, letting us get creative with the prawn, lettuce wraps and vermicelli noodle salad.

With lamb that breaks apart at every touch, it is no wonder why ‘The Good Tiger’s’ Massaman Lamb was a crowd pleaser. Marinated with the perfect amount of spice, the curry was flavoursome, fun and unforgettable.

The Roasted Duck Curry again was so creamy yet busted with flavour from every sip. With duck cooked to perfection and topped with lychee, cherry tomatoes and pineapple, the sweetness was the best touch.

Charsiu Pork Fried Rice had all the colours of the rainbow – and tasted like the pot of gold at the end of it.

To top off the beautiful dinner and meals shared, we finished with a Sticky Date Pudding that was caramel flavoured and the classic Sticky Glutinous Rice and Pandan Custard. Both desserts make our bellies full, and foodie hearts satisfied.

The Good Tiger is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday 11.30am-2.00pm (Tuesday and Saturday lunch closed) and is open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday from 4.30-9.00pm.

Words by Claudia Dichiera

WHERE: Unit 15, 525 Brighton Rd, Brighton


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