Cobb’s Hill Estate – Joe’s Gin

Cobb’s Hill Estate is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Oakbank and in addition to their fantastic wines, they have just launched their own small batch gin called Joe’s Gin! After success in releasing a limited run of their Pinot Noir gin last year, they have bottled another run this year and have also added another to their repertoire – Sauvignon Blanc Gin. Each of these bottles are hand dipped in sealing wax which artistically drips down the neck of the bottle.

The Pinot Noir, or Joe’s Pinot Gin as they call it, is a combination of Underground Spirit’s purest distilled Gin infused with Cobb’s Hill Estate hand picked Pinot Noir grapes from the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills. To enjoy this gin, we had a cocktail with Joe’s Pinot Gin combined with Cobb’s Hill Estate Sparkling Rosé, a splash of soda water, muddled strawberries, then garnished with a sprig of mint. The gin was unmistakably Pinot Noir infused, but with the perfect balance still allowing the gin taste to come through. It is a more full-bodied tasting gin than others and it comes with a slightly higher than usual alcohol percentage at 45%, so sit down and relax with this one to keep warm this winter!

Joe’s Sauvy Gin is a beautiful gold colour, and like the Pinot Gin infuses Cobb’s Hill Estate’s hand picked premium Sauvignon Blanc grapes with Underground Spirit’s purest distilled gin. The cocktail made to celebrate this gin combined Joe’s Sauvy Gin with Mediterranean Tonic, dried strawberries and basil – a trick we learnt this night was to ‘snap’ the basil by clapping your hands together with the leaf in between. It releases the oils and allows for a fuller basil flavour. I loved this gin! It was on the sweeter side which I really liked, and it has a lower alcohol content than the Pinot Gin, so it’s the perfect spirit to sip and socialise!

Both gins are available to buy at Cobb’s Hill Estate’s Cellar Door which is open 7 days a week from 11am-5pm.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 382 Swamp Road, Oakbank


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