Miss Malay

Last week Adelaide Food Central was invited for a menu tasting at Miss Malay. Asian cuisine is my favourite, especially when eating out, so I am always excited to try the new up and coming hot spots. This small and cosy restaurant located on King William Street provides modern south east Asian delicacies done authentically and with love.

We sampled a number of items on the menu including:

Shallot Cake served with soya sauce
I have never been a huge fan of this type of pancake, but I was highly impressed with the flavour presented in Miss Malay’s take. Shallot cake can sometimes have too much pastry, but this one had a perfect balance between filling and dough. This is an entrée I would certainly try again and highly recommend to anyone who loves these delicacies.

Prawn Toast served with sambal mayo
Such a crispy and delicious entrée and I could eat it on a daily basis. The prawns in the middle were fat and juicy and complimented the oily, delicious pastry. The sambal mayo was slightly spiced and creamy and worked well with the crispiness of the toast.

Zucchini Prawns served with creamy tom yam.
This was one of the most unique and delicious dishes on the menu. The fat prawn were wrapped in thin zucchini and dunked into a creamy curry sauce. I would have never thought prawn and zucchini would work, but the curry sauce reminded me of a dish that they serve at one of my favourite Asian fusion restaurants. It was my favourite dish of the evening and I can still remember the burst of flavour in my mouth.

Homemade Prawn Dumplings served with chilli sauce
New dumpling places seem to be popping up everywhere, and I know a good one when I try it. Miss Malay pan fry their dumplings, which gives their skin a crispy shine. The inside was filled with plump generous prawns, which is a must have with this kind of dish. The flavoursome chilli sauce, was the cherry on top. I enjoyed everything about these dumplings and would certainly order them again.

Sarawak Laksa served with vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, shredded egg and sambal with roasted chicken
I am very fussy when it comes to my laksa, I have only ever thoroughly loved one place that I have been going to since I was a child. I enjoyed the complexity of flavours in this broth as it isn’t your typical creamy laksa. The roasted chicken was a highlight for me, as mixed with the juicy soup and crunchy beansprouts gave the laksa the textural difference that it needed.

Tossed Egg Noodles served with bokchoy, fried egg and grilled pork belly
I enjoyed how simple this dish was. The noodles had minimal dressing, but it didn’t need anything else. The pork belly helped to give the noodles the saltiness that it desired, without overbearing the flavours. I loved breaking open the perfectly cooked and gooey fried egg, drenching it over the noodles. The bokchoy gave the dish a crunchy and healthy addition.

Nasi Lemak served with coconut rice, anchovies, roasted peanuts, sambal, fried egg and beef rendang
I don’t generally order this type of dish at restaurants, but gosh it was delicious. I love the idea of having different elements in one dish and mixing it all together. The beef rendang had a wealth of flavour, and worked well with all the other elements. The peanuts and anchovies gave the dish texture and salt.

Stir Fry Kway Teow Seafood
I love ordering this noodle dish when dining out, it is always full of the best bits. The highlight of this dish certainly ca e down to the quality of the produce used, including the fresh seafood. The sauce was light but it did not need to be too heavy with the goodness of the other elements.

Thank you to the team at Miss Malay for inviting us. We enjoyed your new menu and are confident you will do well in your food adventures.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 358 King William St, Adelaide


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