Tasting Australia 2021 – Gemtree Wine Dinner at Sammy’s on the Marina

Life is nearly back to normal, well, as normal as it can be. As part of Tasting Australia this year, Sammy’s On The Marina have teamed up with Gemtree wines to host a delicious six course wine dinner.

We started the night with South Australian Grilled Scallops with Proscuitto and Romesco Sauce. The scallops were juicy and succulent, and cooked to perfection. They were soft and delicate, and the texture was balanced by the crispy proscuitto. The savoury Romesco sauce really brought all the elements together. This dish was paired with the Gemtree ‘April’s Dance’ Sparkling which had the aroma of crisp nashi pear, apple and citrus, and bright acidity on the palate.

Next was the Morton Bay Bugs served with Courgette Risotto and White Wine Lemon Butter. The Morton Bay Bugs were slightly smoky and cooked just right. They were perfect with the firm but creamy risotto. The white wine lemon butter added a lovely citrus component to the dish. This was matched with the Gemtree ‘Moonstone’ Savagnin which had distinct aromas of limes and white peaches, while on the palate, it was almost like a riesling.

We were then greeted with South Australian Blue Fin Tuna in a Cheesy Filo Ring with Wasabi Aioli. The tuna was salty and balanced by the sharpness of the wasabi aioli. The filo ring added a nice textural element to the dish. This was paired with the Gemtree ‘Luna de Fresa’ Rose which had aromas of rose water, cherry and strawberry, and with similar characteristics with the addition of lychee on the palate.

The star of the show was the Double Smoked Duck Leg Fillet with Crispy Bacon and Thyme and Sage Sticky Glaze. The perfectly cooked duck leg was well complemented with the crispy bacon. The sticky glaze provided a good balance between saltiness and sweetness. This was matched with the Gemtree Small Batch Grenache (Amphora) which had the aromas of berries and cherries, and a hint of five spice and clove. On the palate, it was deliciously earthy with the taste of soft plush fruit. It was also matched with the Gemtree Small Batch Grenache (Oak) which had the smell of fresh berries and a hint of citrus peel. On the palate, it was deep, rich and textural, while showing restraint and depth.

The penultimate dish was the Grain Fed Eye Fillet Slow Braised in Shiraz and Master Stock served with Roasted Maple Baby Carrots. The perfectly cooked steak was melt-in-your-mouth and you could taste the full bodied shiraz in the sauce. The roasted baby carrots were firm and sweet, and provided great balance to the dish. The dish was coupled with the Gemtree ‘Uncut’ Shiraz which perfectly ties in with one of the elements used. On the nose, the shiraz has the aroma of blueberry, mulberry and spiced vanilla oak. On the palate, it has lively fruit flavours, natural oak flavours and balanced acidity. All of the hallmarks of the Gemtree house shiraz.

To end the night, we had the Chocolate Marquis layered Chocolate Mousse with Spiced Rum-Soaked Sponge, Honey Chocolate Glaze and served with Fresh Berries and Hazelnut Lace. A beautiful way to end the night. The combination of chocolate mousse and sponge was rich and decadent, and topped off with the natural sweetness of the berries. This was paired with the Gemtree ‘Ernest Allan’ Shiraz which had the aroman of blackberry, cinammon, cherry liqueur and creamy oak. On the palate, you could taste mulberry and red berry fruits.

Sammy’s On The Marina have a new chef and an equally delicious menu. We experienced six amazing courses matched with equally good Gemtree wines. Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Pervez Alam and all the staff at Sammy’s On The Marina for their kind hospitality, and of course, Mike and Melissa Brown from Gemtree wines for their great matching wines.


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