Tasting Australia 2021 – Monday Steak Out

The best ten days in Australia’s culinary calendar happens right here in SA, at the annually presented Tasting Australia. Postponed in 2020 for obvious reasons, this eating and drinking festival has returned for 2021, showcasing our state’s wonderful food scene, and exquisite local produce.

While ‘Town Square’ aka Victoria Square provides a central hub of activity right in the heart of Adelaide CBD, the varied and exciting program features countless events at multiple locations throughout the state, including North Adelaide’s well-known and well-loved Oxford Hotel.

The ‘Monday Steak Out’ was one such event; presented by Australian Good Meat, this steak night sold-out all three of their back-to-back sessions. Considering the calibre of Aussie chefs who were recruited to cook up these curious cuts of meat, it was little wonder why.

Morgan McGlone, Luke Powell, Louis Tikaram and Alanna Sapwell each selected a cut of quality Australian beef to highlight – including flank, rib eye and beef cheek – serving it up with their own unique sides to create a delicious plate of food.

Morgan McGlone’s Daube of Obe Organic Beef Cheek
The definition of winter on a plate, this creation was intensely flavoursome, beautifully presented, and comforting to eat.

A smattering of vibrantly green peas contrasted the otherwise dark, earthy tones of the plate, and provided pops of sweetness to counter the savouriness of the meat.

So delicately cooked was the cheek that it pulled apart on the plate, providing tenderness and sweet stickiness with each mouthful. Coupled with the pomme dauphinoise, this was a divinely rich, rustic yet refined offering that was utterly satisfying to consume.

Luke Powell’s Riverine Prime Rib Eye
Simplicity, executed perfectly. Beside a mound of darkly green, decadently creamed spinach, lay a generous fillet of blushing pink rib eye, exuding umami flavours only possible in beef of this calibre.

The confidence in dishing up a mere two elements to constitute the meal is a nod to the standard of Australian beef, and our local produce.

Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and with a distinct heat from freshly grated horseradish, this meaty, satisfyingly savoury cut highlights the ethos that sometimes the simplest foods, done well, is best.

Monday Steak Out: there was no better way to spend a Monday night – or any night for that matter.

Tasting Australia is on from April 30 to May 9, with events occurring at various South Australian locations.

Words by Anh Ngo


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