Billy’s Table – Breakfast Menu

The sound of smooth jazz felt like we were walking into a 60’s diner. With records and photographs of all the travels Chef Billy Petropoulos has endured, it felt comforting sitting and enjoying the atmosphere in Billy’s Table. We sat down and watched people from all walks of life stroll past. Each one having a peep into Billy’s Table, obviously astounded by the food choices placed in front of us.

Billy’s Table is home to some of the most unusual yet tasteful breakfast food in the West. Billy prides himself on the use of fresh and flavoursome ingredients and has taken his career in cooking abroad in over eight countries. He returned home to continue the global franchise, ‘Billy’s Lane’, making this café a must try for all foodies.

To begin with, we enjoyed Billy’s Pork Belly Eggs Benedict. Picture your regular eggs benny, yet topped with a perfectly cooked pork belly on jalapeño cornbread. The cornbread had a softer texture, giving it the lightness this breakfast needed. As we began on such a strong note, we knew the rest of the meals were not going to disappoint us.

Transitioning into the Spanner Chilli Crab Eggs was a delight. The aroma of crab infused every sense and explode with taste at the first encounter. The flavours of the ocean were prominent yet did not overpower the softness and classic taste of scrambled eggs on toast.

The Zucchini and Corn Fritters were light and fresh with every bite. With faultless texture and smoothness, the fritters were simply a delight to eat and the perfect in between meal after two delicious but filling dishes.

Oozing with melted provolone, the Wood-Oven Baked Eggs were an awesome addition to the already near perfect breakfast. The toasted bread dippers allowed us to indulge in every flavour included, mixing the cheese, eggs, and sauce into one concoction that zinged at the bite.

A true blend of mixing tasteful flavours together gave us the Fresh Breakfast Bowl. These ingredients ranged from smoked salmon, to eggs and even hummus. Being the chef’s favourite meal made it impeccably well-presented and generously portioned. Again, the toasted bread dippers were the necessary touch to bring all those wholesome flavours together and complete the dish.

For those foodies who simply cannot chose between a sweet or savoury breakfast will have no problem dining at Billy’s Table. They have the perfect alternative being the Chicken and Waffles. A crispy chicken thigh that crunched at every bite was placed on top of a waffle with bacon and drizzled Canadian maple. I have always been a firm believer that savoury and sweets should not be mixed but the chicken and waffles at Billy’s Table has well and truly changed my mind.

When ordering the “Dutch Baby”, it was expected that the same old pancake style would be the choice of presentation. However, the “Dutch baby” is inspired by a Dutch pancake (hence the name), meaning it is cooked in a bowl and drops when leaving the wood oven. When discovering this, I was overjoyed by the unusual choice and cannot find anything like this on other breakfast menus in Adelaide. Topped with berries and Canadian maple, it was the softest texture yet sweetest finish.

Bursting with energy and vibrancy, Billy’s Table is well-priced, generously portioned and an ideal breakfast eatery for those looking to explore a range of different flavours that cannot be found in the everyday café.

Billy’s Table is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Tuesday from 5pm until late, Wednesday to Friday from 11am until 3pm, then 5pm until late. Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 3pm, then 5pm until late.

Words by Claudia Dichiera

WHERE: 16/18 Elizabeth St, Croydon


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