Daughter in Law

Establishing themselves in Taj Tandoor’s old haunt, Daughter in Law has breathed new life into the iconic Rundle Street establishment with a fresh, vibrant and hugely inviting new outfit. Amid a wash of pink and blue hues, and punctuated with a wilderness of greenery, Adelaide, here is your first taste of “unauthentic Australian Indian” cuisine.

Gol Gappa “Balls of Happiness”
This street food snack, though well-known in India, is reasonably unheard of Down Under. A perfect starting dish, this menu item illustrates how Daughter in Law have set themselves apart from the plethora of fellow Indian restaurants.
Encased within the wafer-thin, deep-fried-yet-light semolina shell is an explosion of traditional Indian flavours – the complexity of which continue to tantalise the palette long after the last bite.

Kingfish Ceviche
Probably the most interesting Kingfish Ceviche currently on offer in Adelaide, this is a bowl of contradictions: rich but light, decadent but fresh. The meatiness of the Kingfish is perfectly bathed in a dreamy coconut cream, underlined with a hint of spice to add an Asian note to this traditionally South American dish.

Unauthentic Butter Chicken
A butter chicken with no butter!? This is one of the few instances a dish does not deliver what is promised – and it is more than welcome. This yoghurt-based curry, combining mouthfuls of chicken in a gorgeously earthy terracotta sauce, is a sweeter, lighter interpretation of this Aussie favourite. For those who love a good butter chicken, this is definitely worth a try.

Lamb Rogan Josh
One of the more classic menu items on offer, this version is a little on the sweeter side, but with a penetrative hum of chili. Contrastingly topped with fried green curry leaves and a medley of julienne beetroot, carrot and daikon, this is as enjoyable to eat as it is to look at.

Aussie Lamb Chops
An Aussie classic showcasing definitively Indian flavours, tandoor aromas immediately permeate and envelope the taste buds from the very first bite. The charred yet succulent meat is so flavourful that one might question the need for its mint chutney and cumin yoghurt accompaniment (they are still delicious, however).

These immaculately cooked chops are the kind of food that make you want to pick up with your fingers, polish off – and then lick your fingers once you’re done.

Roasted Barramundi Curry
A signature menu item, this curry comes highly recommended from Daughter in Law staff – “it’s a no-brainer”. Buttery barramundi adorned with a delicate sambal is beautifully presented amongst a trio of colour – comprising Pandan, Chilli and Mustard oils – interspersed among the creamy-white coconut broth. This distinctive dish – more akin to a piece of artwork – is subtle and mild, to echo that of the barramundi, and sure to become a well-loved staple.

Adding to their deliberately playful ambience, meals are finished off with a surprisingly light, wholly delicious Kulfi, conveniently moulded into an ice-block for ease of consumption. It is an utterly delightful way to round off the meal, and guaranteed to bring back memories of the playground for the more seasoned diners.

Thriving in the unique, the success of Daughter in Law lies precisely in their many lesser-known, “unauthentic” menu options; the attractive and varied selection beckons for several revisits. And with an upstairs bar lounge in the works, Daughter in Law is your newest favourite place to be. Adelaide welcomes you to the family.

Daughter in Law is open for lunch from Friday to Sunday from 12pm to 2:30pm and for dinner Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to midnight.

Words by Anh Ngo

WHERE: 290 Rundle St, Adelaide


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