+82 Gogi

Nestled down a quaint Adelaide street, +82 Gogi is a Korean BBQ that offers a memorable dining experience. Patrons are encouraged to choose from of three different sets of meats and complementing side dishes to create a meal that is unique to their tastes. With a great atmosphere and even better food, this traditional approach to Korean dining is a must-try.

Set B
While there are two other sets to choose from, this one is best in terms of variety. With a combination of beef brisket, marinated beef ribs, and spicy pork, each meat provides a different texture and taste that marries perfectly with your chosen side dishes and sauces.

Beef Brisket
This thinly slice beef brisket simply melts in your mouth, and is a great accompaniment to a number of sides. Try sandwiching it between a lettuce leaf, and topping with kimchi, onion and enoki mushrooms with your choice of sauce for a well-balanced bite.

Marinated Beef Ribs
Seasoned with a sweet marinade, these beef ribs are tender and full of flavour. Combine with the SSAM sauce to add a touch of spice, and you’re all set!

Spicy Pork
These succulent pieces of spicy pork are divine all on their own, but pairing it with their Shake Shake rice really takes things to the next level. Add your choice of soy and mustard, sesame or SSAM sauce and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Spicy Noodle Salad
This spicy noodle salad combines onions, greens, noodles, and a chilli paste to create a side that is both light and intensely flavourful. Add in your choice of meat for a well-balanced dish.

Cold noodles with broth
This side of cold noodles is served with enoki mushrooms, egg, sprouts and cabbage in a tasty broth. Again, this side is best eaten with the addition of meat, but is equally as satiating on its own!

Shake Shake Rice
Gogi’s signature Shake Shake Rice is certainly unique, combining rice, eggs and onion with whatever other ingredients you desire into a container that you must ‘shake’. This creates a deliciously creamy rice dish that pairs well with pork belly – or any other meat for that matter!

Vegetarian Special
Stir fried enoki mushrooms are a great addition to your dining experience, and are a great meat substitute for vegetarians.

+82 Gogi provides a variety of sides that work excellently to complement their meat sets. These include Kimchi, spring onion salad, pickled radish, enoki mushroom, rice and lettuce.

With a vibrant environment and incredible food, +82 Gogi is a fantastic option for lovers of Korean BBQ. Add to that their impeccable service and wonderful staff, and you’ve got yourself the ideal dinner destination!

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: 12 Eliza St, Adelaide


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