Santa Danza Premium Ice Cream – Exclusive to OTR

OTR is giving its customers a brand-new tasting experience with the exclusive arrival of Santa Danza premium ice cream, offering six delicious flavours that will make customers melt with every scoop.

The new ice cream brand represents the dreamy Italian summer of the late 1970s, promoting a simpler, enjoyable lifestyle, and will be stocked in 120 OTR metropolitan and regional stores across South Australia and Victoria.

OTR’s Santa Danza range has classic flavours including Choc Fudge, a rich smooth chocolate ice cream layered with folds of gooey chocolate fudge, and Vanilla Bean, a creamy vanilla ice cream infused with real vanilla beans.

Also in the Santa Danza range is Boysenberry Ripple, a smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream base bursting with full fruit ripples of boysenberry, and Rock Salt Caramel for the more adventurous taste buds, a silky caramel ice cream filled with rock salt caramel chips and swirls of lightly salted caramel ripple.

The range also includes two vegan-friendly and refreshing sorbets – Tropical Mango and Zesty Lemon.

OTR Marketing Manager, Tamara Ireland, is excited about offering the premium ice cream to OTR’s customers.

“We wanted our OTR customers to be the first in Australia to have the opportunity to try this delicious NEW ice cream range,” Tamara said.

“I think our customers will fall in love with Santa Danza as much as we have! It’s completely indulgent and amazing quality ice cream at such an affordable price!” Tamara concluded.

Santa Danza premium ice cream is available in individual 500ml tubs (RRP: $4.99).


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