Adelaide Fringe 2021 – Abandoman: Hotline

One of the lucky few international acts still able to join this year’s Fringe, is festival favourite Robert Broderick, better known as stage alter-ego Abandoman. Perhaps it was a touch of Irish luck that got him here? Well lucky for him and lucky for Adelaide, because our adopted Irish freestyle rapper is back with his latest offering “Hotline“.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing one of Abandoman’s shows, then let this be the year that mistake is rectified; this stupidly talented comedian-slash- improv rapper is simply beyond comprehension. There are very few acts who can claim that no two shows are the same, but Abandoman is your exception. The moment he steps out on stage, his infectious cheeky grin puts you at ease and informs you that you’re in for a good time. When audience participation is dreaded in most performances, here it is thrived on.

Addressing the major event of the previous eleven months, Hotline touches on COVID and its obvious impact on an incredibly important aspect of our lives: that so many songs are set “in the clubs”, but we haven’t been able to dance! Enter this show, and its “COVID-safe rave”.

Hotline is sectioned into six segments from which six songs are produced, all centering around the audience’s responses to: What’s A Minor Adversity You’ve Recently Been Through? and Something Your Housemate/Partner Slightly Disagree On? or A Small Apology You Could Make to the Person You’re With – to name a few.

These original and hilarious tracks are incredulously created and improvised on the spot. While most things need to be seen be believed, even experiencing the sheer talent of this comedian still treads the line of disbelief. As always, he remains an absolutely delightful addition to the Adelaide Fringe Festival lineup.

Abandoman is playing until the end of Fringe season at Babylon in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Words by Anh Ngo


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