+82 MiMi

Nestled amongst Adelaide’s bustling CBD, +82 MiMi brings a nuanced approach to Korean cuisine with its Tapas themed menu. Providing its patrons with a modern twist on tradition, they pride themselves on creating dishes that taste just as good as they look. Spanning from delicious finger foods to decadent desserts, and elaborate cocktails, MiMi is the perfect location to indulge your senses.

Tteokgalbi Sliders
Honey soy glazed pork and veal patties, aioli, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun, these mini cheeseburgers were absolutely delicious. While small, these indulgent sliders are full of flavour, proving that bigger isn’t always better!

Scallop Ceviche
These citrus cured scallops paired with a peppery mustard, refreshing green apple and red caviar are simply divine. A unique combination of textures and flavours, this dish was nothing short of show-stopping.

Soju Cured Salmon
Accompanied by a refreshing fennel and orange salad, and a spicy/sour cho-gogchujang sauce, this soju cured salmon simply melts in your mouth. A refined take on a Korean classic, this fusion is all you could ever want, and more.

Jok Bal Wrap Mi Up
Build your own wrap with a platter of succulent braised pork hock, lettuce, spicy ssamjang paste, house-made kimchi and pickles. A great healthy option, this dish is perfect for those craving something light and fresh.

Grilled Kingfish and Two Way Potato
Marinated in a spicy Doenjang sauce, this tender grilled Kingfish was just to die for. Served with a potato salad and crunchy shoestring fries, these two-way potatoes provide the best of both worlds.

Simple but tasty, these deep fried seaweed spring rolls are the perfect addition to any meal. Filled with glass noodles and vegetables, and served with a sesame soy sauce, these bite-size morsels were just delicious.

With its unique approach to Korean cuisine, +82 MiMi has become the ideal spot for those craving a little taste of everything. Whether it be for lunch, dinner, or a much needed after work cocktail, +82 MiMi is the place to be!

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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