Sea Lounge

Sea Lounge – Indian by the Ocean located at the Marina Pier is one of the newest Indian restaurants and they say ‘If you want to experience the best flavoured food in Glenelg, you have come to the right place.’ Well, we certainly came to the right place and experienced some very tasty dishes! The staff at Sea Lounge hosted us to an amazing Indian Feast.

Starting with an array of chicken entrées; Chicken Tikka, Kasturi Kebab and the Coriander Chicken Tikka. Flavoursome and tender chicken each dish was perfectly cooked with surprisingly the Coriander Chicken Tikka was the ultimate favourite. Normally coriander is overpowering but this dish was subtle and you could taste the other flavours of mint and ginger. The chicken is cooked in the tandoor allowing the smokey flavours to infuse in the chicken enhancing the taste.
Along with the entrees of Grilled Baneer and Boiled Eggs with a Creamy Yolk we had a selection of dips; Tzatziki with Pomegranate, Skordalia and Hummus with Mustard Seeds served with Garlic and Plain Naan.

The mains were another table filled with some delicious traditional Indian dishes. A couple fo the dishes were the Musallam which means ‘whole’. The Gohbi Cauliflower Musallam was a whole cooked cauliflower that will satisfy any vegetarian. The Fish Masallam was just as tasty and again cooked as a whole. A whole baby Barramundi cooked in dum (Pressure) with onions, tomatoes and coconut sauce. What a treat!

The feast didn’t stop with Lamb Shanks slow cooked in spices sealed in a pot finished with saffron. The lamb easily fell off the bone and was a winner dish for most of our table. The Atta Chicken is a traditional Indian dish marinated overnight then covered in foil then again covered in a roti which is made from the Atta flower.

Other dishes were the ever-popular Butter Chicken with beautiful smokey flavours, the Goat Leg Raan which is marinated in traditional margalon and slow cooked overnight in the oven. A must for lovers of goat meat.

For dessert we were served a Carrot Fudge with Rabdi (reduced condensed milk) and Saffron Pistachio Kulfi with Rhubarb and dried fruits. A light and not overly sweet dessert that finished off the whole feast perfectly!

Sea Lounge is the best place for a lovely night out near the sea. All the dishes are made fresh and in house and the staff are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is charming and the food is full of exciting Indian flavours. What more can you ask for?

WHERE: Shop 5/12 Marina Pier, Glenelg


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