Movie – The Food Club

Just the title of this movie alone gets my foodie blood racing! Like any moment in life food plays an important role in our family and friendship lives and this movie is all about just that. When Marie (Kirsten Olesen) discovers on Christmas Eve that her husband has been having an affair and after years of marriage wants a divorce. Her children as a Christmas present gave both parents a trip for a Italian cuisine tasting course in Puglia Italy. Instead, she decides to take her long-time girlfriends Berling (Stina Ekblad) and Vanja (Kirsten Lehfeldt) and it becomes a week long mature aged girls trip!

Each woman has been suppressing their insecurities and life problems and this trip brings them all to the forefront. Marie is trying to win back her husband, Vanja is trying to get over the death of hers and Berling is dealing with her Sex and The City’s Samantha status no longer a reality.

Friendships are tested, food is consumed, vino is freely poured and there’s even a little bit of pot smoking thrown in to really push these women to rebellion. The movie is funny and heart-warming and tackles the life changes of a mature aged women. There’s just something about the Italian countryside that just brings out the warmth. Add in food and you know everything’s going to be alright!


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