Main Street Cellar & Kitchen

Wide-open streets, dappled sunlight, ancient oak trees… if this doesn’t conjure up the scenic views of Stirling, I’m not sure what will! Luckily for you, we managed to find the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch OR dinner venue for you to sit back, relax and truly appreciate this gorgeous location.

The Main Street Cellar and Kitchen might be the new kid on the block, but since opening its doors in mid-2020, this modern restaurant has certainly made its mark! Head chef and owner, Simon, has done wonders to the café, creating a sealed balcony area, allowing patrons the opportunity to eat their chosen meal while viewing the toing and froing’s of the main street.

Despite the lovely ambience and beautiful summer weather, we found it almost impossible to peel our eyes from the delectable food!

We decided to look to the classics when picking our first dish, Fritters. As always, we had to complete the yolk test. Thankfully, the two poached eggs were cooked perfectly and practically begged to be sliced open, releasing an inundation of bright, runny yolk. We were astounded by the huge size of the zucchini, halloumi and corn fritters served with a generous serving of beetroot skordalia. Not for the faint-hearted, the fritters were perfectly seasoned and flawlessly paired with the addition of smoked paprika mayonnaise and steamed greens. I would say this was certainly the healthiest dish we tried… and one of the yummiest!

Due to the nature of brunch, we thought it fitting to order a sandwich… perhaps the king of sandwiches! Sadly, the Reuben Sarnie was unavailable – a slow-smoked brisket with cheddar, sweet and sour cabbage, piccalilli and gherkins on dark rye with crispy potatoes, my fellow brunch lover was dismayed! Luckily, the Cuban Sarnie managed to save the day. The layers of juicy smoked pork, mojo ham and flavour-packed fennel salami with cheddar, mustard piccalilli, red onion and dill pickles made this the best sandwich I’ve ever had! I ordered the freshness of the pickles and thought that the fennel salami was just genius. This would probably be my number one recommendation for lunch at the Main Street Cellar & Kitchen if you’re a meat-lover!

The Biryani Brunch is an interesting addition that really adds the ‘spice of life’ into the menu! The oven-baked spiced rice with coconut cream, spinach and smoked salmon with a delightfully crispy roti hits any Mediterranean craving you might be having. I thought that the smoked salmon element was inspired and transformed the traditional biryani into something awe-worthy. If you’re vibing something similar but perhaps not quite as adventurous, there’s also the Main Street Paella with chicken, chorizo and seafood marinara.

As all the best brunches places do, the Main Street Cellar & Kitchen had a smashing Specials Board. Although we usually try to stick to the à la carte menu, the Chicken Waffles were too good to pass up. This once-off dish consists of two plump, slightly sweet and crispy waffles that were practically hidden under a heaping of crispy fried chicken, rashers of salty bacon, a few sprigs of fresh rocket and saccharine maple syrup. The balance of salt and sweet was spot-on and I truly marvelled at the way in which the waffles stayed crunchy while practically swimming in the (extra) maple syrup that I drenched them in!

Last but certainly not least were the all so classic light and fluffy Pancakes… Little did we know that these pancakes were literally going to take the cake! The three pancakes were stacked vertically on top of one another, evidently trying to reach heaven as this is where I’m sure they belong! The lightness of the batter was truly heavenly. However, it was the caramelised banana pieces artfully concealed between the bottom two pancakes that made this dish the star of the morning. I adored the scattering of seasonal berries between the top two pancakes and there was more than enough cream for even the most gluttonous of guests!

My new favourite restaurant in Stirling also offers an evening service, producing small plates such as Baked Hills Brie, Smoked Salmon and Crispy Thai Salad. Moreover, there are Feed Me menu’s including the Tapas Plank, Just Feed Me and Sugar Plank where you are presented with the Chef’s Choice of Sweets. Most promisingly though (at least in my opinion) is the Yard-Long Pizza. This jaw-dropping menu item can either be Carnivore: a selection of cooked meats and salami, olives, tomato and three cheeses, or Herbivore: a selection of roasted vegetables, olives, tomato and three cheeses. To be perfectly honest… I’ll order them both please!

As I’m sure you can tell, I was enamoured with the Main Street Cellar & Kitchen. Our waitress was dynamic, personable and above-all lovely and I enjoyed chatting with the knowledgeable, passionate chef. As well as producing top-notch food, the restaurant also offers a range of their own wines! Their ingenuity doesn’t stop their either. The walls are lined with local artwork available for purchase, there is a takeaway coffee window open to the street and they even offer takeaway meals.

The staff are all – admirably so – engaged and openly invested in this business. I highly recommend going out to brunch, dinner or even after work-drinks and just saying hi over a glass of red, some smashed avo on toast or a bite of their pizza. Perhaps I’ll see you there! 

Words by EG Mills from E-cup Gastronomy

WHERE: Shop 3, 4-6 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling


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