The Banksia Tree

Residing in a gorgeous heritage-style building at St Vincent Street in Port Adelaide, The Banksia Tree is a local, seasonal, and sustainable addition to the Adelaide food scene.

From the moment you walk in the door you can see the natural and earthy aesthetic of the venue. Open and airy, big windows allow light to flow through onto wooden floors and bring life to the many gorgeous indoor plants. Tones of brown, green and white bring a natural feeling which resonates with the ethos of The Banksia Tree.

South Australian ingredients and suppliers provide 95% of the produce for The Banksia Tree. When food has less miles to travel, it arrives fresher, produces less carbon emissions and keeps profits within South Australia. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are used on the menu, meaning the menu at The Banksia Tree changes regularly to keep up with what produce is in it’s prime. All the coffee is small batch roasted, traceable and above fair trade, allowing the farmers to produce high quality beans while enjoying a better quality of life. All food and coffee waste are also composted locally, local Scouts groups assist with recycling efforts, and best of all, The Banksia Tree is aiming towards a zero waste business. Each of these attributes works in harmony to create a menu of delicious food and drink that doesn’t cost the earth.

We started our experience at The Banksia Tree by indulging in a couple of cocktails as we waited for our food to arrive. As all the food and drinks use South Australian ingredients, they have unique flavours native to Australia. You will taste all kinds of new taste sensations from the different herbs and plants foraged right here in our backyard!

The XO Crab is The Banksia Tree’s signature dish, with Port Lincoln crab and XO sauce on toast with poached eggs, and topped with fermented chilli hummus, Geraldton wax oil and crispy saltbush. This dish is extremely flavourful, with a colourful combination of herbs and spices creating taste sensations on the plate. The poached eggs are cooked perfectly, and the gooey egg yolk drips over the eggs and toast, giving it a rich and creamy flavour.

A Haloumi and Egg Roll is a great way to start a summer’s day with a gorgeous, fluffy Turkish bun filled with all kinds of goodness. Fried egg, chives, Banksia relish, crispy relish and haloumi create a delicious dish that you won’t want to share!

A hearty toasted sandwich, the New York Sandwich is filled with Barossa pastrami, Emmental cheese, sauerkraut and maple mustard sauce. The seeded sourdough is crisp and light, and topped with fresh baby pickles. The amount of pastrami is generous and its saltiness is balanced by the pickled sauerkraut.

There are plenty of side dishes to choose from at The Banksia Tree, including shoestring fries and hash browns. We devoured the Sweet Potato Fries with chives, parmesan, smoked salt and aioli. The Asian Greens with beach succulents, garlic, soy and black vinegar are a delicious side of asian-inspired vegetables that go with any dish.

The Banksia Tree is a great place to visit for breakfast and a coffee or lunch with some cocktails when you’re in Port Adelaide. They strive for a business which doesn’t cost the earth, and they support local producers. When you want to try something that is local, seasonal and sustainable, be sure to check out The Banksia Tree!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 147 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide


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