Mr Chu – Dinner Menu

Located on The Parade, Mr Chu presents modern South-East Asian food using local ingredients and provides a relaxed eating experience from brunch through until dinnertime.

The interior of the restaurant has a sophisticated and contemporary style, with marble topped tables, grey wall paneling, smooth grey booths and light pine chairs with black cushions. The sleek design feels modern and elegant, with an overarching aura of distinguished class.

We indulged in a long dinner at Mr Chu, tasting everything possible from the dinner menu!

We started with a classic, the Vegetarian Spring Rolls. These spring rolls are giant, crisp and filled with generous amounts veggie goodness! These spring rolls are incredibly delicious, and a great way to start off a meal.

The Salmon Sashimi with Lime Leaf Nam Jim is a beautiful, light dish with fresh flavours of lime, chilli and ginger. The salmon sashimi is sliced into thick pieces and possess a gorgeous smooth, silky texture.

Perfectly lined up in a row, the Chicken Dumplings with Balsamic Reduction are a gorgeous version of your typical chicken dumplings. Beautiful aromas and flavours of ginger emit from the dumplings as you take a bite, and the well-seasoned chicken filling melts in your mouth. The balsamic reduction adds a mild tang to the dish, and perfectly complements the rich chicken filling.

Served in perfectly sized ceramic spoons comes Seared Scallops with Sweet Fish Sauce. The scallops are juicy and succulent, perfectly cooked and bite-sized! The sweet fish sauce complements the scallops perfectly, and a hint of ginger can be tasted within the sauce.

Almost like an Asian-style plate of nachos, the Pork and Cheese Cracker is well-seasoned pork mince atop crisp, cheese crackers. The pork mince is full of flavour and packs a little bit of a punch, and this goes perfectly with the light, almost sweet crackers.

The Crispy Eggplant with Tamarind Caramel is a rich and delicious dish. Perfectly cooked, hearty slices of eggplant are lightly coated and fried in tempura. Tamarind Caramel adds an incredible sweetness to this otherwise crisp and salty dish, creating the perfect taste combination!

The Assorted Mushroom Tempura with Sambal Dip presents a variety of mushrooms lightly coated and friend in tempura. The rich flavours of the mushrooms pair well with the lightness of the tempura coating, and pack a punch when dipped in the thick and rich sambal sauce. The sambal sauce is hot and packs a punch, but a subtle sweetness brings beautiful flavours into it.

A must have at Mr Chu is the Salt and Pepper Tofu with Five Spice. This delicious, fresh tofu is coated in tempura and lightly fried, giving it a delicious crispy outside. The five spice mix brings incredible flavours to the dish, with each contributing to the salty, semi-sweet and well-spiced tofu. Even people who don’t usually enjoy tofu are bound to love this dish with its incredible textures and flavours.

The Wok-fried Salt and Pepper Squid with Nuoc Cham is perfectly cooked in a light salt and pepper batter. The Nuoc Cham, a type of Vietnamese dipping sauce is light and zesty, with flavours of sweet chilli.

Tender Pan-fried Wagyu Beef with Mushroom and Vegetables are a delicious meal with rich flavours and hearty ingredients. The Wagyu beef is tender and rich with flavour, and the vegetables are stir-fried delicious.

The Malaysian-style Stir-fried Chicken with Chilli and Dried Shrimp is a rich, orange in colour and chargrilled to perfection. The well-seasoned chicken is tender and spicy, with mild chilli flavours to help enhance the flavours of the dish.

Unlike anything you’ve tried before, the Nestum Chicken with Butter Cereal Crumb is both sweet and savoury with each bite. The butter cereal crumb is sweet and buttery, and perfectly coats the chicken in a rich batter. The chicken is succulent and fresh, and the savoury element pairs wonderfully with the sweet batter.

The BBQ Wagyu Beef with Green Papaya Salad has beautiful summery flavours, while still offering rich, tender bbq Wagyu beef. The salad consists of shredded papaya, chilli and carrot and is very crunchy and tangy with an underlying sweetness. The dish is served with a sweet, sesame soy sauce which brings a sweetness to counterbalance the rich beef and tangy salad.

The Singapore-style Chilli Soft Shell Crab is a full, lightly tempura-battered soft shell crab in a curry sauce atop a bed of baby corn and snow peas. The curry sauce is sweet and spicy and rich in flavour. The baby corn and sweet peas bring a tenderness to the dish to contrast with the crunchy soft shell crab and creamy curry sauce.

Grilled Spencer Gulf Prawns with Red Coconut Curry are full, juicy prawns which have been perfectly chargrilled. The gorgeous red coconut curry is rich and sweet with strong flavours of coconut. This dish goes perfectly with a bowl of fresh, steamed rice which the curry soaks into while you enjoy your prawns.

The Barramundi Fillet with Mixed Sautéed Vegetables is lightly battered sliced pieces of barramundi. A dressing of shallot and chive coat the barramundi fillets and a bed of sautéed capsicum, baby corn and snow peas. The barramundi is full of flavour and the light batter allows it to soak up the fresh flavours of the dressing.

The Twice Cooked Lamb Ribs with Asian BBQ Sauce are thick and fatty and coated in a sweet hoisin sauce glaze. A simple and light salad of cherry tomatoes, onion and lettuce with a light vinaigrette are the perfect pairing for the rich and juicy lamb ribs.

The Duck Breast with Lychee and Pineapple Curry is one of the most unique and delicious dishes on the menu! The duck breast is very rich in flavour and perfectly cooked to a rosy pink. The red curry sauce is beautiful and spicy, and the flavours mingle perfectly with the sweet pineapple and lychee, creating an incredible combination of flavours and textures. Roasted asparagus and carrot and fresh cherry tomatoes decorate the plate and bring lots of colour and flavour to the dish.

Mr Chu also offers a range of delicious desserts and cocktails to enlighten your tastebuds. A ‘Tea’ramisu is your traditional tiramisu, except it is made with green tea instead of coffee, giving it a light and fresh flavour! There is also a Pandan Panna Cotta with Watermelon Granita which is light, sweet and perfect for summertime. Finally, you can have the Dark Chocolate Ice-cream Tart for something more rich and decadent.

For a delicious Asian-inspired meal using seasonal ingredients showcasing the great produce that South Australia has to offer, you can’t go past Mr Chu. Everything on the menu is full of flavour and cooked to perfection. There is a dish to suit every taste, but if you can’t choose, the menu is perfect for ordering a few dishes to share between you and your friends on a night out.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 220 The Parade, Norwood


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