Krispy Kreme – Mount Gambier Blue Lake Doughnut

To celebrate Krispy Kreme South Australia opening its first regional Australian Hot Light factory store in Mount Gambier, a special ‘Blue Lake’ commemoration doughnut will be created and made available from Saturday 19 December.

Krispy Kreme SA General Manager, Mark Higginbottom, said they are excited to open their very first region factory in South Australia.

“To celebrate our opening, we have created a special Blue Lake doughnut which is synonymise with Mount Gambier,” Mark said.

“Everyone that visits Mount Gambier and the South East know that the Blue Lake is one of the famous natural landmarks of the region. We wanted visitors and locals to have a special Krispy Kreme doughnut to commemorate this!”

“We are excited to turn the light on to the third Hot Light factory store in South Australia. The world-famous Hot Light gives our visitors a unique melt-in-your-mouth experience where they enjoy hot, fresh, Original Glazed doughnuts as they roll off the line, every day,” Mark said.

“This Saturday 19 December is our grand opening and we are giving away 1000’s of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to those who join in on the opening day celebrations” Mark concluded..

The new Mount Gambier store joins Adelaide’s seven other Krispy Kreme stores across the state located at Marion Shopping Centre, Gouger Street and Grenfell Street and the two factory 24/7 stores at Port Road, West Croydon and Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar.

WHERE: 1 Ramsay Ave, Mt Gambier


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