Mekko Market & Cafe – Summer Menu 2020

Mekko Market & Cafe is the perfect combination of brunch and boutique that you’ve all been waiting for. Located on Prospect Road, Mekko offers not only a gorgeous venue to enjoy a meal at with your friends, but also a boutique store of gorgeous second hand goodies at an amazing price!

Mekko is a heritage listed art deco building, and the interior is decorated with gorgeous plants, funky paintings and wall murals, and colourful cushions. Natural light sweeps in through all the windows and brings a beautiful airy atmosphere to this colourful abode.

As we waited for our food, we browsed the clothes on display. For $80 you can rent a small rack to sell your clothes on for a week, and for $120 you can rent a larger rack. All of the profits made from your clothes rack goes straight back to you, you only need to pay for the rack rental! It’s easy to find amazing designer styles for as little as $10, and this endeavour is a great way to counter fast fashion and grow your wardrobe.

We then went outside to sit on the outdoor verandah enjoying the summer breeze and watching the orange and blue shades gently flow back and forth. I drank a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, which was a rosy pink in colour and tasted just as rich as you’d imagine.

The new summer menu at Mekko consists of delicious meals using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and light, fresh flavours. Paired with a summer breeze and an iced coffee, there is no better place to enjoy your summer brunches!

The Eggs Benedict comes on a thick piece of fresh sourdough. Two perfectly poached eggs and crispy bacon are paired with wilted spinach and generous amounts of avocado. The homemade hollandaise at Mekko is made with fresh avocado, giving it a delightful green colour. The creamy hollandaise sauce is slightly tart and brings a zesty aspect to this breakfast go-to!

The Swedish Meatballs are lightly seasoned and deliciously meaty! Sat atop a creamy and rich beetroot salad and paired with cool cucumber, these meatballs are perfectly light for a summer dish. Dip into some beetroot mayo and pair with the salty chickpea panisse and you have all the flavours and textures you can imagine paired perfectly together in a single lunchtime dish.

Nothing screams ‘summer’ as much as Mekko’s incredible Chicken and Mango Soba Noodle Salad! The fresh, firm soba noodles are dressed with a light and flavoursome peanut, soy and sesame dressing which bring a bright and fresh flavour to the dish. Sweet mango and perfectly cooked chicken bring rich colours and flavours to the dish. The crunch of the snow peas and cucumber bring contrast to the silky mango and the dish becomes alive with texture. A perfect combination of coriander and mint are what make this dish perfect, their refreshing flavours bring summertime into the bowl.

The flavours of the Bruschetta at Mekko taste just like how we imagine Italy would taste, with beautiful fior de latte, prosciutto and pesto. Thick and fluffy sourdough bread is lightly toasted with olive oil and dressed with fior de latte, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, peas, basil and pesto. The rich flavours create a decadent and hearty version of your typical bruschetta, but the freshness of the dish is unmatched.

We finished our brunch with a sweet treat, the Coconut Sugo. The coconut-infused dish is creamy tapioca topped with fresh mango, strawberry and banana. The dish is light, sweet and slightly tangy due to the lime and cardamom syrup. Toasted shredded coconut give a crunchy texture to pair against the creamy, gooeyness of the rest of the dish. Mekko has hit the spot with this incredible dish which tastes as good as it looks and represents everything we want for a summer morning meal!

With the weather warming up, it’s about time we got out and about and enjoyed the sunshine with our friends and family. Mekko Market & Cafe is the optimal spot to enjoy a long breakfast or lunch and shop to your hearts delight, getting an all new, sustainable wardrobe for the sunny season to come!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 89 Prospect Rd, Prospect


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