Uniqorn Eats

Uniqorn Eats is Adelaide’s funkiest and most colourful cafe! Delicious breakfasts, sweets and coffees are offered all day from Wednesday to Sunday. Located on Grenfell Street, this amazing little cafe sits in the heart of the Adelaide CBD between the hustle and bustle of Rundle Mall and the serenity of Rymill Park.

The interior of the cafe is decked head-to-toe in delightful rainbow-goodness! Inflatable sweets hang on the walls and blowup unicorns sit on all the tables alongside the colourful chairs. Fairy lights twist their way along the stairwell and invite you upstairs to the cosy seating space which overlooks Grenfell Street. There are literally bits of colour splashed on the windows and walls, so everywhere you look there is something with rainbow qualities!

You may think that the interior is absolutely gorgeous and colourful, but nothing compares to the meals served at Uniqorn Eats! Every meal is made fresh with love and care, and each have their own unique style and flavours. Not only are the meals perfect for an Instagram snap, they taste phenomenal and smell intoxicating!

The Banoffee Waffles are an incredible stack of waffles coated with caramel sauce, banana marscapone and three kinds of banana. The bright yellow banana marscapone is drizzled generously atop the waffles, bringing a beautiful burst of colour to the dish, and orange and white flakes complement the colours making everything radiant like sunshine. The inside of the waffles and perfectly soft and fluffy, with the outside being lightly crisp and delicious. There are slices of fresh banana which bring a cool sensation to the otherwise warm dish, and the smooth texture of the fresh banana pairs gorgeously with the crunch of dried banana and the silkiness of banana candies. The rich sweetness of the caramel sauce combines delicately with the fresh flavours of the banana to make the perfect, rich combination that we enjoy on these incredible waffles!

The Strawberry Monster Stack is a exactly that, a monster of a stack of sweets! Two waffles and two pancakes with fresh strawberries, white chocolate, strawberry compote, strawberry mascarpone and crisp wafers. This stack is the prettiest pink treat you’ve ever seen, and the sweet aromas of strawberry goodness are enough to make you drool. The light flavours of strawberry and white chocolate paired with the fluffy mascarpone create a beautiful balance with the fluffy pancakes and rich waffles. The best thing about the Monster Stacks at Uniqorn Eats is that you can get them with any toppings you like. Next time we will have to choose between Banoffee, Quintripple Chocolate, Tropical, and Salted Caramel!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the famous Rainbow Toasty, your traditional cheese toasted sandwich with a twist! Pull this delicious treat apart for a rainbow surprise as the sticky cheese emerges in a wave of rainbow goodness.

Although Uniqorn Eats is the perfect place to sate your sweet tooth, they also do amazing savoury dishes to delight your less sugary friends. The Smoked Salmon Bagel is deliciously fresh smoked salmon with cream cheese, spinach, rocket and alfalfa on a bagel. The lightness of the salmon pairs perfectly with the rich texture of the cream cheese, and the spinach, rocket and alfalfa give this dish a healthy glow! You can get your choice of eggs on toast with delicious extras of bacon, tomato, or anything that suits your fancy for a hearty traditional breakfast. The Brekky Stack is your choice of pancakes or waffles topped with bacon, eggs, cheese and maple syrup. This combo is a great mix of sweet and savoury, with the saltiness of the bacon and eggs mingling deliciously with the fluffy pancakes or waffles and complemented by the maple syrup. The cheese helps bring it all together in a delicious breakfast that isn’t for the faint of heart! The best thing? All of these dishes can be made with vegan alternatives!

Not only does Uniqorn Eats provide an incredible eating experience, they share an amazing vision for making the world a better place. The people at Uniqorn Eats believe that there can be a better world where the environment is healing and people are free to live without bigotry and hatred. They are committed to following steps to make a difference and help achieve this future by using renewable energy, using only biodegradable and recyclable packaging, promoting a plant-based diet and making their cafe a safe place for everyone, regardless of their gender, identity, race, religion or sexuality.

Every meal at Uniqorn Eats is made with love, and this shows in the impeccable presentation and incredible customer service. Each dish is unique, and plays with a gorgeous sensation of flavours and textures. Majority of the dishes can also be made vegan, so there is something available for everybody! There is no other cafe in Adelaide that has the same fun and quirkiness of Uniqorn Eats, and it is fast becoming one of Adelaide’s favourite dining locations!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 226 Grenfell St, Adelaide


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