Sushi Burri

If you’re like me, and are never satisfied with a single sushi roll, then your prayers have been answered! Introducing Sushi Burri, Adelaide’s first sushi burrito shop.

David Lim, the mastermind behind the Bakmi Lim Noodle Project, and co-owner Ceci Shi, have carefully researched what is trending overseas, particularly in the United States, and have discovered there is a market for burrito sized sushi rolls in Adelaide.

“You can usually find me at the Unley Bakmi Lim store in the afternoon and it’s located in a small complex. For lunch, I usually have sushi, and if not sushi, it’s a burrito.” Lim says. “When I have sushi, I can easily eat three sushi rolls, but four is too much. That’s when the idea came together!”

The menu is straight forward at Sushi Burri. Like Subway, you can choose exactly what you want in your meal. The base options are sushi burrito, poke bowl or salad bowl. Customers then choose one of the seven available proteins, followed by five of the fifteen available proteins. Add a crunchy component and a side dish and you’re done! If you’re not feeling too imaginative, there are seven carefully designed menu items for you to choose from.

Lim is no stranger to Waymouth Street after working as assistant restaurant manager at Georges on Waymouth, and then opening his first Bakmi Lim store nearby in 2016.

Sushi Burri is open Monday to Friday from 11am-5pm.

WHERE: Shop 3-4, 24-28 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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