Aces Pizza and Liquor – Lunch Menu

Back again since the relaunch of Aces Pizza and Liquor a few months back. We still remember the deliciousness of the food they created to impress us on their relaunch. After the long awaited refurbishment, Aces came out classier and more stylish than ever before.

Since the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone and everything hard earlier this year, Aces did everything to survive while re-introducing their authentic and familiar menu to the public. Not just for dinner, but lunch too. The only difference is the price and the size. But trust me when we say, it was generous!

We notice the little details. The well polished and shiny cutlery caught our eye straight away. Preparing our table with the cutlery and personalised plates with their red rose logo just made waiting for the food to come out a little bit more exciting. We knew what we came here for. We knew it was going to be good. They have had to train and organise two new chefs in the kitchen but we were confident that nothing would affect their quality of food.

We were seated at the booth and found it to be surprisingly comfortable, and I don’t say this a lot to many restaurants that offer booth style seating. So a little tip for when you visit Aces’, get the booth when you can!

The ‘fun wine’ Donelli Rosso Dolce is a mellow red wine with a crisp finish from Italia that complimented our meals beautifully. We were delighted to promote this special wine from Aces’. Served cold from the fridge, it is best paired with basically anything you want. There is no rule.

We had the popular Golden Century Garlic Butter Sauce Cappelinni and Prawns. With added Parmesan and parsley, this was our favourite when we were introduced to this dish for the first time so of course we had to order this again. and no surprise there, it was totally a mouth watering dish and a couple of spoons later, it was all gone.

The Granch with SA Blue Swimmer Crab Meat Linguine using Sunday Sauce, Garlic and Chilli. What a fabulous, light, yet full of flavour delight. You can bet that there was plenty of meat in the dish ensuring no need to go searching for it in between your pasta!

Next was the Dr. Pepperoni Pizza. Can you see from the photo that they don’t skimp on the pepperoni? Or the cheese? That’s because they double everything up. Crispy style base with delightful Ace’s special tomato base, it was indeed the most satisfying pizza we have tasted in a while.

What is dining out without getting a couple of entrees or small plates as side dishes?

Buratta. We are obsessing over Buratta right now. It is creamy, delectable, and great for sharing (or not, if you love it that much) Aces delivered this with salsa verde, fennel, vin cotto, and heirloom tomatoes that gave it the tangy flavour when eaten together.

Rockmelon, Prosciutto di Parma, Buffalo Mozzarella with Aged Balsamic. One of my absolute favourites and a must have dish to have in Italy.

Mozzarella Sticks. I’d like to see your skills on the Mozzarella pull. We surely enjoyed ours that day. Crunchy on the outside and soft and warm melt in your mouth texture on the inside. We couldn’t get enough.

We love that Aces Pizza and Liquor now serves lunch everyday except Sunday. Being in Central Market it is rare to find an Italian gem that is this good. Great breath of fresh air in Chinatown Adelaide and we cannot praise it highly enough.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 62-72 Gouger St, Adelaide


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