Mekko Market & Cafe – Spring Menu 2020

Mekko Market and Café located in the heart of Prospect not only provides creamy coffee and stylish food, but is also a place to shop for second hand clothing. This market gives you the opportunity to rent a rack and sell your pre-loved clothing for a small fee, keeping 100% of the profits. On the plus side you also won’t go hungry as their extensive Scandinavian inspired menu will keep you salivating for the rest of the day.

We tried a few items on their awesome menu.

Middle Eastern Style Eggs Benedict – poached eggs, roasted eggplants, wilted spinach and chipotle yoghurt sauce.

Eggs benedict has been my go too breakfast dish these past few weeks. You can’t go wrong with a sauce slathered over beautifully poached eggs. This take on eggs benedict incorporated a smoky flavour, coming from the eggplant and spicy sauce. The eggs were perfectly poached and went well with the wilted, soft spinach. Overall an awesome Mediterranean style eggs benedict that I would order again.

Zucchini Falafel Bowl – green tahini dressing, hummus, grilled zucchini, carrots, radish, spinach, walnuts, and charred corn.

This dish was a bowl of simply, healthy, delicious goodness. I loved the grilled zucchini, the subtle vegetable had a beautiful taste and paired well with the other greens. The addition of the charred corn gave the dish a sweet element and worked well with the nutty walnuts. A great dish for those wanting something healthier.

Swedish Style Potato Crepes – smoked salmon, light pickled cucumber, poached free range eggs, red onion, roe, dill sour crème.

I loved this combination of beautiful produce and flavours. The potato crepes were incredibly thin and light. Placed on top was the fragrant smoked salmon and the two gooey poached eggs, a heavenly combination. The addition of the red onion and sour crème gave the dish an extra element of flavour. Nothing could be faulted and it was one of my favourites of the day.

Veggie Stack – caramelised onions, charred asparagus, wilted spinach, balsamic reduction, thyme, roasted tomatoes, roasted mushrooms and goats cheese on focaccia.

Another incredibly healthy but delicious dish. Who would have thought that vegetables could taste this good. The charred asparagus was a highlight for me, as this green vegetable is one of my favourites. The balsamic reduction helped to bulk up the depth of flavour and the goats cheese gave the dish a creamy element.

Open Chicken Wrap – marinated chicken strips in spices, hummus, rocket, tzatziki, spring onions, coriander, charred corn, green tahini dressing, pita bread.

This chicken wrap took me back to my days in Greece. The chicken was spiced incredibly authentically and the tzatziki tasted the same way that the Greeks make it. The fresh elements of the vegetables radiated through the chicken and soft pita bread. A filling dish, and will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

Baked Ricotta Cheese – served with roasted cinnamon walnuts, poached figs and honey.

This dish tasted like a lighter take on a classic cheese cake. Who doesn’t love cheese cake right? The ricotta cheese was not too dense and crumbled lightly on my fork. The beautiful walnuts and poached figs were a perfect combination, drizzled over with sweet honey. This was my favourite sweet dish from the menu, and we polished off the lot.

French Toast – creamy coconut and banana blend, fresh fruits, coconut yoghurt, house made white chocolate crumble and date nectar.

You can’t go wrong with a heavenly French toast combination. The coconut yoghurt was thick, almost cream like consistency and went perfectly with the chocolate crumb. Topping the dense toast with banana was the perfect way to finish the dish. Banana is one of my favourite fruits to have for dessert.

Thank you to the team at Mekko Market and Café for having us along to try their menu. We loved the spin you put on a traditional brunch menu, that connects is evidently connected to your local heritage.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 89 Prospect Rd, Prospect


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