Longview Vineyard – 20th Vintage and New Branding

Celebrating its 20th vintage in 2020, Longview has once again made bold steps with new branding, winemaking, and a developed philosophy to coincide with this important milestone.

They are now ready and eager to release it to the world.

In 2009, Longview took its relatively conservative branding and elevated it with game-changing, visually arresting labels and packaging. Known for cool-climate classics and boundary pushing “alternate” varieties, wines like “Whippet”, “Yakka” and “KÜHL” had the wine world taking notice of their award-winning designs.

The wines have always been world class but never ones to rest on their laurels, the Longview team wanted to refine and focus them even further and introduce brand imagery to reflect that.

“We see so many eye-popping labels now that it is hard to identify the actual producer.”, said Longview General Manager Peter Saturno. “However, what we realised is, that as much as we love creating exciting new packages and stories, we began to lose focus on ‘Longview’ – the brand.”

“We make wines that stand the test of time and therefore we wanted to create something akin to a modern classic.

What Longview has done is return to their strong sense of place to create a brand that positions the physical location, micro-climate, geology and environment of Longview at the centre of all communications.

“Everything about our new brand points back to our beautiful and unique location and this has been the basis for our new look labels.”

Longview’s wine range has been divided into four distinct categories. For now, we present two: and this now defines the new Longview brand.

LONGVIEW – clean elegant and sophisticated, the Longview range is born of stories. Stories of family, of our region and vineyard folklore.

The colour palette reflects the tones of Longview: the green hills, blue skies, and natural hues of the bushland surroundings.

Longview’s sweeping landscape, visible from every angle at the Vineyard, is now visible on our label, so that one can experience this exceptional vista, anywhere in the world.

MACCLESFIELD – premium, small batch wines that is literally and symbolically formed from the bedrock of our vineyard, of our region and our family’s aesthetics; a vein of pink marble that runs under the ancient soils of these Southern Hills.

This inspires us to create wines of power, presence, and provenance with coupled with artistry.

Macclesfield: where geology, art and wine intersect.

Not losing sight that hospitality is in Longview’s DNA, they are more intent than ever on building on a legacy of providing great food, great stays, and making guests feel like family at their stunning cellar door and newly appointed accommodation.

Mr Saturno said: “We are also excited about the expansion to our accommodation and hospitality offering.”
Two new self-contained suites have been added to the immensely popular Homestead, which also sports a new kitchen and fully enclosed veranda.

Further bolstering Longview’s food and wine tasting experiences, Mr Saturno said: “The current climate has spurred us to concentrate on sit-down wine tasting experiences and renewed focus on house-made and local produce for our ample antipasto and cheese boards.”

In a first, they have also appointed head chef, Alistair Raymond formerly of Hentley Farm and Noma who will fashion menus for all weddings, events and private lunches.

Just one more way that Longview exhibits unwavering dedication, hard work and a relentless pursuit of greatness across all fronts.


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